Alien power system (aps) hev motor

Hey guys , I’m on a hunt to buy a new motor after my crapy DIYes 6374 motor got ruined by a small puddle of water. I was thinking about the hev motors from aps since they are more resistant to water and stuff. Does anyone have any experience with them?

You can run BLDC-Motors under water. We do that when testing high current applications to keep the motor cool. Water is not the issue. It’s dust and small bits entering the motor (going in between magnets and stator), killing it.


Thanks for the reply frank. So what motor do you suggest for my mono drive board?

Depends on your wheel size, gearing, top speed desired, etc. I would go for 130-160 KV, sensored motors. 6364-6374.


Yea I did all the calculations I was asking about what brand is most reliable

@trampa may be a bit bias :joy: Go for @JLabs @chaka @

I am selling (2) 6374 motors. Totally unused, received on 9/8/2017 from APS. If you are in the US, shipping will be very cheap.

I’m currently running APS HEV 6355s and 6374s They’re good motors and durable but they still get dirt and small rocks inside them even though they are less open.

If you read my post again, its pretty neutral. No suggested product. Where is the bias?


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