Alien power systems! Help me

Does any know if the owner of alien power system is active on here at all I want to purchase some things from them but it would appear that they never have stock I understand that demand is high. Also wanted to buy a caliber 2 adapter ring wich is in stock £2.80 but want £8.00 postage WTF wouldn’t mind if everything I wanted was in stock but !!! Let’s see any help would be greatly appreciated kindest regards me

Just write him an email. He usually responds within a day.

Fer point thanks. Well thought so it seems message failed to send got an email back saying this was a permanent error so… APS what’s going on

I emailed him 5 days ago or so, got reply back within a day.

Yer not sure y tried again still error message the only thing I want that’s in stock is £2.80 don’t want to pay £8.00 for shipping cheers though hoping he sees the message and responds on here

He doesn’t come on here all that often…

Which email address are you trying to use to get in contact with him? I’ll pm you his email I usually use to ask him about products…I don’t feel it’s right to do so on an open forum, in case he’s uncomfortable with that.

I have contacted him by the link on their website and got timely response. If you think 8 pounds for shipping is high, your lucky, it’s much higher to USA.

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Yer I can imagine tryed the link redirects to his email just keep getting error message not sent. like I say don’t mind the postage if everything was in stock that I needed also If u take into account distance traveled ur postage probably works our cheaper I.e per mile