Alien Power Systems Turn Time?

Hey guys,

This is just a general inquiry. Please don’t derail into a bash.

I’ve ordered from APS before and the turn around time has been pretty quick. But my last order(about a month and a week ago) hasn’t seen any traction, or responses from Bruno lately.

Has anyone had issues getting thier parts from them lately? Just curious. Thanks :slight_smile:

I’ve never had any issues buying motors from them. I suggest sending Bruno a message through the website and email. There maybe a stock issue that wasn’t updated on the website when you placed your order.

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Thanks Nama. I had an open thread with him via email. Didn’t try opening a new contact form, I’ll try that.


As far as I know they were during location change and maybe that’s the reason.

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Cool thanks guys. I was just curious! Not complaining or hatin :). My previous orders had only taken a couple weeks so just didn’t know if anything had changed.

@Namasaki can you close this so it doesn’t get derailed in the future. I’ve gotten a few PM’s about the normal turn around time. So this can be marked as resolved.