Alien Power Sysytems VESC

Hi there, has anyone had experience with VESC from Alien Power Systems? Just wondering as they seem like a good source for the Vesc in the UK.

here is the Link to there Page

O’h, it’s on sale :smiley: . Might try one

@Mark that’s why i am interested but i haven’t seen them mentioned much in the forums

Not so easy for average people as you’ll need a programmer chip as far as I know.

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@Maxid i would assume you could just upload through the usb port, ile look into it

I really hope they’re not shipping without base firmware. As long as they’ve been flashed once they can be updated by USB like any other vesc.

They list may tech and flyer so just the same vescs from China like

So in that case I’d look at this one with the redesign and heatsink. I know someone on here is using it already but didn’t know the source…

just looked some things up and it looks like with a “ST Link V2”, it think its called, you can flash the vesc, a guy on youtube does it using this method, here is the link.

which is exactly what I was talking about. You’ll need the programmer and can then upload the firmware. Problem with this is not just the added hassle to upload via the programmer but also the fact that the seller does not need to give you any warranty with the VESC. As soon as you use it the warranty is voided since he sold it without a working firmware and any change that you made (uploading, changing settings, using it on a skateboard) voids the warranty.

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damm, well that’s disappointing, do you think you could link me a EU or UK source for a VESC with firmware loaded?

Enertion also has an EU warehouse for the normal vesc which is on sale right now.

no they don’t - at least not that we have been made aware of. Only the motor bundle ships from EU warehouse.

@geohan @Maxid Since they are shipping without firmware, that means that they can’t test them prior to shipping. So if there are any electrical/hardware errors (shorted spots or bad connections) you’re going to fry the VESC when you first power it up. The testing that our known vendors do goes a long way to ensure that you’re getting a VESC without hardware defects.

Also, on their site you have to select either a “Maytech” or “Flyer” option… which suggests that Alien is just buying and reselling the parts from those two manufacturers.

With no testing, seemingly no value-add, and no cost-savings, I wouldn’t buy a VESC this way. I would buy one from one of the known brands here on the forum, or at least directly from Maytech or Flyer directly via EBay or AE.

which is why I warned him not to order…

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has been mentioned before:

Comes with everything you´ll need. If you have any problem with it, they´ll help you out. They produce it in Germany and donate to Vedder for every VESC they sell.

i’ve been looking at these for a while, please update if their good, also i don’t think their on sale their website has been like that for ages

We are selling them, yes. Daily, since ages. :slight_smile:

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you´re talking about Alien I think? Like the others mentioned before, if you want to order from them, prepare to upload firmware and everything

Worth checking with @onloop whether the European warehouse is in operation. I ordered mine from the enertion site and it did eventually come (to the UK) from Belgium.