All Australians, (victorians?) - Read this

I have recently read the Australian road a vehicle laws and skateboarders are classed as pedestrians. This means that if a car, bicycle or motor bike is involved in an injury that you sustain they are at fualt. It is not entirely clear but we have the right of way on bike paths or trails, on the road it is not clearly stated apart from the fact that it is legal to ride on roads that do NOT have a dividing line and are under 50km/h speed limit.

So if you are hit by a car or are injured by someone else on/in a vehicle and they are at fault do not just let it slide.

Ride safe guys, and please at least wear a helmet!

Edit: These are the laws for Victoria, they may differ slightly in different states so please check your states laws. I forgot about that at the time I wrote it


but you are no “normal” skateboarder, you are motorized

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Yes, yes we are but the is no law that states anything about motorised skateboards of vehicles. At this point in time an eboard is classed as a normal skateboard until stated otherwise


With the greatest of respect this post is a little misleading as the laws from state to state vary wildly. Also, the laws haven’t been reviewed recently in light of the proliferation of these PETDs (personal electric transportation devices) and it really is a grey area. In SA for example it’s clearly not legal to ride an electric vehicle on a footpath or road - see below:

HOWEVER it is a grey area, and I’ve ridden past plenty of police officers on and off the road and they’ve always been polite and more awe-inspired than anything else that these things exist. I’m not going to go into too much detail here but I would say if you ride sensibly and wear a helmet then in SA at least you’re ok to ride on footpaths and cycle lanes but be aware that the law currently does not permit it.

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Yes, I only realised at the last minute after posting that different states laws would be different.

I have also ridden past a few police, been pulled over by one and so far all that happened was my make on his eboard was asked if he could get lights like mine lol. Most cops are pretty good and don’t actually no the laws in the first place, ecspecially in the small town where I live.

Over all I agree, please check your states laws. Title changed

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Like Dan said, don’t be a ass, I would add, have lights if riding before/after dusk and use hand signals