All bluetooth control system both for mobile & standalone remote

Hi Guys,

I have been experimenting with various types of wireless modules to make my own remote control system.

Until now I tried different bluetooth modules, 2.4ghz flysky, 433mhz rf module.

I think now I found the perfect combination.

I made a remote controller with a bluetooth module in master mode. I made a receiver with a bluetooth module in slave mode. I also made an Android app to use when the battery dies out on the remote controller.

Here is the very new demo video:

By the way, I started sharing all my materials and progress. I announced it earlier when giving a speech at Arduino Day 2017. You can find my materials etc. here:

Some bits from my talk:



How does your system compare to an environment with more 2.4ghz interference/noise? Do you get drop outs?

I have been using bluetooth receiver with my android app for 2 months, had no problem riding my board in the city center anywhere.

Cool stuff and exactly what I am looking for I think. I plan to do the same kind of stuff using 2 bluefruit feather nRF52 (arduino BLE boards):

One for the remote and one for the receiver.

I have few questions :slight_smile:

  • why do you map to 0 - 255 on the remote side? (i guess 8bit data out?)
  • on the receiver side, if 0 means ESC.write(90), I suppose full brakes means ESC.write(0) and full speed means ESC.write(180). Am I correct or misunderstanding something?

My main point of not understanding is how the command ESC.write knows how to scale the bluetooth input integer between full brakes and full speed?

Don’t know if I am clear… Thank you in advance for any help or hints =)

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