[ALL GOOD NOW] I have no idea about this adapter/plug :(

Hello, So I’m a complete newbie and just got into building my first e-board. I have only 1 problem. I have no idea what should i use to plug my Turnigy Accucell 6 into the wall.

(Took a picture of the adapters that i have no idea where to plug 'em) Thanks a lot!

Does it not come with a power brick? Should be a 12v power supply…

Nope, it didn’t.

Those plug in to the charger but if they have a aligator clips on the end you’d ether hook it up to a power subly or a car battery or order a wall adaptor

This is what you need then…


So, if I get this power supply, should i snap the heads off and tipple those wires together? (The charger’s and power supply ones)

No! There should be a socket on your charger for the jackplug? The one with the yellow tip in the product photo…

Yea, it’s the xt60 socket.

No no, look in the product photo for the power brick, the plug with the yellow tip is what plugs in to your charger.

Look at the black plug at the top left corner of this charger, by the T of Turnigy, that’s what plugs in to your charger from the power brick, no hacking required.

That’s what I see on the side and this thing fits here?

Hmmm… This is what the one I had looked like…

You basically need a 12v power supply that you can connect those bullet connectors to then…

Watch this…

With the supplied wires with bullet connectors on them are for connecting your charger to a power supply unit. Most power supplies for chargers have bullet connectors on them, hence why the supplied wires have them. I have the same charger and I just purchased the 150w power supply and soldered on a male xt60. If you cant solder then you can probably find a barrel connector with an xt60 soldered on already on HobbyKings website.

What do you think, would a Fusion 100W 13.8V Power Supply work for the charger then? Or is it under powered?

100W will be fine. It’s just a matter of how much charge current you desire. Despite the published specs, it is recommended to only charge your LiPo’s at a 0.5C rate. For a 5000 mAh battery, that would be 2.5A.

(100W) / (22.2V) * (80% efficiency) = 3.6 A

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Your charger is only 80w max so your better off charging each battery individually to make sure the battery is balanced correctly. Most people parallel charge to save time charging but you don’t have enough usable amp from a 80w charger to see any benefit of parallel charging. More risk anyway when you parallel charge especially if you have a bad cell or a cell goes bad while charging in parallel imo (ie… this is how you catch your house on fire, ive seen it happen to many times from being into racing drones). But like Jmasta said the 100w power supply will be fine.


Thanks a lot!