All kinds of parts for sale

Hey guys I know I been gone for a while… My wife wants me to sell off this stuff… Not in the hobby anymore :frowning:

I have to catalog everything and so I will sell them off as I can figure out how. Probably first are the vescs and escapes…


UPDATED PHOTO OF WHAT’S LEFT: IMG_20190408_070143678


  1. These things to wire battery packs… from Kuglis… IMG_20190406_071928495

  2. One amazing deck from long-haired boy ($350 shipped for the deck else I am keeping it)

Update: only the white board left. Spuds are sold out.


  1. SOLD - Muir short board with home built 12s charger. Board doesn’t start because bms could be fried or antispark is fried. There are (2) ESCapes inside of it. The batteries are 12s but graphene … 2 x 6s configuration. I know people want just the ESCapes but if I do that it will be a total loss. It has everything and the large sized maytech motors. So I appreciate someone to nurse this back to health. $500 (lowered) shipped for everything.

Here are the details of Muir short board build – it comes with a transformer that charges 2s-12s 50v in ultra fast speed.

Here is my build log:

IMG_20190406_072034268 IMG_20190406_072024987


Here is the build log for the battery charger:


How much do you want for that white deck?

Ok a guy on here made it for me… Was $700 custom forgot his name… What do you think is fair?




How much for the 107mm flywheels?

How much for the vesc6 How much for the trampaboard deck

Its a @longhairedboy deck!


I know :joy::joy:

Also I have no clue whats fair

What you thinking?

So here is what I figure… About 50% + shipping.

For any of the stuff :slight_smile:

Super tempting

Im super broke atm

How much for those trampa truck set?

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@gogomrrobot How much for those gummies wheels? If you are willing to part it out, I’d be interested.

Which trampa truck set? I think I want to sell the trampa boards as a set… Not with vescs and all but at least trucks deck and wheels.

Btw I am sorry all should have been more organized.

I am looking for a dual vesc or esc and enclosure and kegel pulleys if you have some.

If you do part out the trampa, I’d be interested in the wheels and possibly deck depending on price. 8" superstars?

How many vesc6 you got? All 4 them $???

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Trampaboard complete?

@gogomrrobot how much for the spot welder?

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$100 shipped… 10char


How much for the trampa deck??

Which one?


Or this one?