All New | Focbox Unity+ [ Dual Motor Electric Skateboard ESC Controller ]

Looking to upgrade your electric skateboard & maximise the full performance potential. Or maybe you have a faulty ESC and need a replacement part?

The Focbox Unity+ is compatible with all common electric skateboard motors & batteries.

Compatible with these brands

:arrow_forward: Lacroix

:arrow_forward: BioBoards

:arrow_forward: Kaly NYC

:arrow_forward: Flux

:arrow_forward: Meepo

:arrow_forward: Evolve

:arrow_forward: Wowgo

:arrow_forward: Ownboard

:arrow_forward: Verreal

:arrow_forward: Boosted*

:arrow_forward: Exway

:arrow_forward: + Many More

:iphone:Set up Unity+ in seconds via Bluetooth Apps & Configure your ride for optimal performance


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Let me fix that for you:

also Boosted??? 13S make unity go pop, not boosted.

That small critique aside, this utterly defy’s logic. You’re suggesting everyone switch to the female XT90 on their battery which is the opposite of industry standard and generally regarded as unsafe due to the ease at which it can be shorted, will you be supplying some kind of female-female adapter to account for this decision??? Hope everyone enjoys immediately unsoldering and switching connectors still.


Can you show me the boosted boards 13S battery specifications, should be under 60v, no?

I am glad that you are so concerned with safety!

What I can’t understand is why you are being so hypocritical.

16 days ago you are talking about high voltage systems, Not one mention of safety! Shame on you hypocrite!

OSHA Occupational Safety and Health Administration considers all voltages of 50 volts or above to be hazardous regardless of whether the electric current is AC or DC since the current can cause serious injury .

Just in case you are actually interested in the facts, the OSHA has no safety requirements for xt90 connectors.

For those folks who are looking to protect the battery whilst it is disconnected, you should definitely consider a rubber cap.


Rather cheeky of you to go to the superior forum for information about me. You did make one massively critical error in doin so.

That is literally a post about safety. I’m specifically asking about the safety cushion of the quoted operating voltage on an ESC.

You are making one of the worst conceiver arguments I’ve ever witnessed. You can call me a lot of things, but there is no way hypocritical is one of them, especially not here. My previous post, can directly be related to the concern I’m expressing with you’re instance the unity can run 13S, I actually stated 13S on 60V esc’s is known to create issues !!!

I disagree with your claim and do not believe the unity can reliably, and therefore safely, do so. At 54.6V there is a 9% buffer before the maximum threshold is hit, in my opinion large enough to account for voltage spikes and will result in failure, just a matter of when.

wow, you searched “XT90” on the osha website, extremely helpful and informative. Industry standards do not have to be government mandates. The can also just be based on common sense, this is one of those cases. Please show me a company in this industry who in not putting the male side on the battery and the female side of the connector. I would like to talk some sense into them since they’ve obviously been misinformed.

A fantastic solution for a problem that need not exist in the first place. Bravo.

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We are the first to do it as far as I can tell, I agree it is unorthodox & I don’t really care what anyone else is doing… I like doing things differently.

The reality is, we simply cannot trust that out customer will install the XT90S on their batteries. So we are doing the job for them.

Also, amass doesn’t make the Opposite version, so this is the only option.

Our highest priority is delivering products that are robust & reliable. We know that some folks experienced premature failure on some of the components in on the PCBA related to the power switch. This is one additional step towards protecting the sensitive components from big inrush current that eventually can cause failure.

Also, if people think it is unsafe, they can remove it.

Alex, I simply said the words “compatible with” boosted & since boosted battery voltage is well under 60V my statement is 100% true & your just being a hater.

You literally said the unity will pop… That is VERY different to talking about long term “reliability” I’m not the one making claims about long term reliability, perhaps you need to go ask the clone forum operator directly who has tested unity at 13S

Also, with such a small 99WH back that comes with boosted, the voltage will sag so quickly that you will have even more headroom & safety margins.

What else are you going to complain about?

You’re statement being “technically true”, does not excuse it from being misleading and irresponsible. as I already stated, 9% is not well under the maximum voltage. Your own websites specifications agree with my assessment of your initial claim:

Nothing, trying to reason with you is like trying to reason with Stevie Wonder, neither of you can see the light. :call_me_hand:

Are seriously calling my good friend LHB irresponsible… f you man. Hypocrite! lol

oh… thanks for finally agreeing with me…

46.8V nominal.

Some folks say it might be Samsung 30T cells, in 13s2p

here are the discharge curves of that cell.

So let’s say you are pulling a conservative 40A from the battery, The voltage sags to 3.65V per cell Instantly…

60V is an increase of 26% from the 47volts nominal of that pack…

So, I would say that overall, pretty safe & compatible with boosted battery.

Dude…you got the input plug completely wrong. It’s supposed to be an XT90 female. The source of power supplying is always male for all XT series style connectors. I’ve been in the drone and RC space for more than a decade and this is the standard.

For added value, I would provide an XT90-S (male) as part of the Unity kit so users can replace their connector if needed though the Unity already has anti-spark capabilities (though long term reliability is questionable)…

My VESC 6 MKIV for reference and the documentation mentions XT90-S male for power input.

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Yeah, yeah… I know this is totally unorthodox… I really don’t care what someone did before me… or how it is in another industry… the “industry standards” don’t really make any sense in esk8… In the esk8 game People aren’t really buying lipos from hobbyking that have xt90s already installed… They buy batteries from chinese vendors who also don’t come with xt90s installed, most of them have xt60f… Or they get a custom battery built for them, then they can choose what ever connector they like.

Yes, I am aware that the chance of shorting your battery is like 2% higher, I don’t care about that either. Once your battery is installed you probably will leave it connected.

What I care about is protecting the hardware that I am manufacturing & supplying, I want my customer to be forced to use this connector because I don’t want them emailing me complaining that they have blown their shit up & demanding that I send them replacements… If being unorthodox saves a few folks from damaging their $200 ESC my job is done.

The day that AMASS makes a male XT90S ill swap to it. But they don’t & I simply do not trust that my customer will use the XT90S if it is provided as a loose accessory.

They way I have done it, I know I get 100% compliance.

If people want to conform to society because they are scared about shorting their battery they can swap the connectors around.

Everyone wins :slight_smile:

Ah good deal and fair enough points you brought up.

It might be a good idea to sell some XT90 connectors to have a nice bundle.

yes, I am thinking about adding some small parts & accessories to our shop… I suppose some folks would appreciate being able to buy the xt90s counterpart.

The other option is to put the xt90 male on the ESC, then jam the xt90sf into it and have a note or something that says you must use it…

but once again, cant guarantee compliance, because they might buy a battery that has standard xt90, then the xt90s gets discarded… because people are lazy fuckers.

meh… I’m sure people will work it out


@onloop is the design change you made for the male connector permanent, or will they be switched back on the next batch?

There’s some real innovation going on here. What are the test protocols that are in place to insure people don’t receive a broken unit? Would you be able to share how your factory does the QC?

This is a permanent change until amass or someone else brings out the opposite gender.

Great question JohnA.

it is the same test sequence the last 5000+ focbox went through.

  1. Each unity is being tested twice…

  2. If it doesn’t pass the test it doesn’t go out…

  3. Manufacturing faults covered for 90days…

  4. Instant replacement for any Manufacturing faults…

Literally the next sentence :wink: