ALL SECTOR 9 HELMETS RIGHT NOW ARE 50% OFF (they have Full Face Helmets for $150)

The sale is still running.

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bump sale still going

Does anyone know where to find a clear visor that fits this helmet? their fullface helmets comes with mirror tinted (yellow) visors I asked sector 9 can I purchase a clear visor. (Bc I mostly ride @ night) they said they no longer sell clear visors manufacturing of them stopped… anyone out there have experience with using an different brand visor with this helmet?

Ask sector9 if this is the same visor as the DH6 because if that’s the case then you can buy it from predator.

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Ok thanx I’ll contact them & check that…:call_me_hand:t5:

So yeah I contacted both parties and predator responded back so far… they don’t THINK their visor fits sector 9 helmets so I’ll wait & see if sector9 have more insight on it…

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I’ve been using one of these helmets for about a week now. It’s legit! I’ve got a big ass bobble head and it fits comfortably and it’s light on the nugget.


If you look at the side pictures here the predator visors look identical. You can unscrew your visor and see that it looks exactly the same.

This shop is selling them for $13 so I’m going to buy one and test.