ALL SOLD - VESC & THREE New 12mm Belts

—UPDATE— The only things I have available now is

  • VESC (Enertion 4.12) $90 shipped to the US
  • THREE new 12mm belts $30 shippied to the US

Or $110 for all of it shipped

I’m hoping to sell this as a whole to save on the “free shipping” I’ll be providing. US based buyers only These are in great condition as I don’t have too much time to ride with a 12-14 hour a day job and a young child at home. I take 3-5 mile trips here and there between three boards so they all have low mileage. I want to sell this to make room for the next hub build so I’m just keeping the battery.

What’s for sale (All Enertion, all used for about 50 miles at most): All assemble as shown in the video SOLD 1 x 190kv R-Spec 6374 Motor SOLD 1 x Motor Mount with Pulley SOLD 1 x 12mm Wheel Pulley 4 x “PowerWheels” SOLD 1 x 12mm Belt SOLD 1 x Front Truck SOLD 1 x Real Truck (cut for dual mounts) PRICE: $300 USD SOLD

But that’s not all…for $100 USD more I will include the VESC (Enertion 4.12) and the FOUR new 12mm belts as well, so all you will need is a deck, remote/receiver, battery and some hardware to have a complete board.

TOTAL ASKING PRICE $400 USD shipped to your door in the US

I can not offer warranties as I’m not good enough to fix anything besides computers. But here’s a video I shot last night with everything working perfectly.


@alindaniel93 was looking for this motor.

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thought about parting it out, but didn’t want a bunch of transactions and having parts sit around unused. I sell the VESC and belts separately but realistically I would probably have those wheels or trucks with no takers.

Man… I wanted all this stuff… but i’m from Italy. … I need that setup

would you have any idea what shipping cost is from the US to Italy? (asking you probably have experience). If it’s not too crazy and you take it all, I can split shipping cost

Does this motor have the shorting problem with the phase wires or did Jason fix that issue?

I’m interested in the Motor, motor pulley, belts, motor mount and trucks. Let me know if you part it out.

No idea if there is a potential shorting problem , but has not shorted on me yet is best answer I have.

The motor was shipped to me mid August 2016 if time indication is of any help on the production issue.

And yes. I will part out those out…that would be the 350 part and I’ll have sell the vesc, the four belts are like 40 from enertion I think

if you change your mind about selling them individually, im interested in the mount

I’ve had fitment issues with my mount but using a torque boards style motor and same size belt that looks like it suits much better

Hi, im interested

This is what I have left. let me know what you want

—UPDATE— The only things I have available now is

VESC (Enertion 4.12) $90 shipped to the US THREE new 12mm belts $30 shippied to the US Or $110 for all of it shipped

Thank you but i think i will use vesc for my next build and not on this one

Belts sold,

Only VESC 4.12 left

PM Sent


VESC sold, Nothing for sale. will change title