[ALL SOLD] WTS Parting out - Hummie Deck | TB 6374 190kv | Unity | FeatherRemote | Evolve AT kit

[WTS] Parts Austin TX

Parts only have 60 miles on it.

  1. TorqueBoards 6374 190kv motors : $95 each shipped (2 available) -SOLD
  2. Surfrodz - Psychotiller TKP trucks : $145 for the pair shipped SOLD
  3. Psychotiller motor mounts : $130 for the pair shipped SOLD
  4. Deck and Enclosure : $220 shipped SOLD
  5. Evolve AT kit : $200 shipped SOLD
  6. 10s5p built by thisguyhere : $350 shipped SOLD
  7. Feather Remote and Receiver : $75 shipped SOLD
  8. Charger : $40 shipped SOLD


  • TorqueBoards 6374 190kv motors
  • Hummie Deck ( single cutout )
  • 10s5p 30q battery professionally built
  • FeatherRemote w/ advanced ready to add light control board ( brake lights and headlights can be added and controlled via remote )
  • Surfrodz - Psychotiller TKP trucks w/ Psychotiller motor mounts
  • Psychotiller enclosure
  • 175mm Evolve hubs and fresh tires
  • Battery gauge on the enclosure
  • 4 amp fast charger ( Evolve )

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Any chance the tires could be sold separate?

Didn’t you just get this board? Might be wrong.

I’ll take the deck if you split your build


Got a few people interested in the complete build so we’ll see what happens :slight_smile:


Bump, still available for a few more days

Bump /10char

I can do $465 shipped on drivetrain as all parts are almost new.

$220 shipped for deck and enclosure

Shiit I just made a deck sinse I didn’t think you would part it out and I was in a hurry… Eitherway this deck will be gone in a few hours tops. @Halbj613 wasn’t you in a search for a hummie deck ?

Nah ended up in getting an earthwing deck instead

What unity. Still have? How much?

Haha I meant want

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I’ll take the deck, enclosure, and battery if they are still available :slight_smile:

I will take the 1. Evolve AT kit : $200 shipped

ALL SOLD, please close