All Terrain Single Motor?

I’ve always told my friends (they don’t have e-boards) it’s recommended to have a dual motor setup for all terrain riding, but I’m now questioning if it’s possible to do it with a single motor.

Is it possible?

anything is possible…

its just not Plausible.


I’m running single on my Trampa right now, coz I’m waiting for other parts. And it takes me everywhere, a little challenging at times but it works.

Ah nice.

I found an open BMX track in a park across from an RC dirt track and wondered if I could even run on it, assuming I have the right wheels. Deck would probably break though.

there is no question that a single motor set up would work, but on loose dirt/gravel having dual would be more desirable.

I have a big E-MTB with single drive… The problem on grass is that the power wheel will overspin… My single drive will have enough traction altough i have good and big tires… Dual setup makes much more sense!

I think it depends on the quality of your traction on the single wheel, and of course how extreme of an “all terrain” course you want to ride on. I’ve taken my single-drive build with small pneumatic tires on unpaved gravel paths and it works fine, but I wouldn’t try to ride it up or across a mountain.

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oh yes, it’s worlds apart. dual is a must on all terrain boards. loose gravel/dirt and grass, specially when starting,i have to put more weight on the drive wheel.

Dual drive all the way for all terrain board. Single drive good for hard surface but loose gravel and specially grass dual is the way to go.

Figures dual-drive is the way to go. It’s the most logical. Maybe in a year or so…I’ll be able to get a second motor.

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Any recommendations on gear ratios for MTB single motor?

For me specifically, 6374 torque, 190kv, 8in wheels. I’m thinking 1:6, 12t/72t. I currently have 12/48 and it doesn’t wanna budge :frowning: Thanks!

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A single motor MTB is likely gonna be underwhelming no matter what you do. I’d suggest start with 15/60 and go from there.


@justinchavez what mmaner said. I’m using 15/72 on mine, rarely have I ever had a problem with it. On very steep hills it skipped the belt a little when I started moving but otherwise moved very nicely. I think adding an idler would solve that. Check your tires occasionally too, make sure they aren’t worn smooth, that will also cause you to lose traction.


Thanks! I’m gonna try it. It’s all paved to work so it’ll be a full road setup for the tires. Just need air and rubber for the vibrations. My feet go numb before I make it home on my abec’s.

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You dont have to build a MTB to get air & rubber, take a look at 6 shooters. @psychotiller, show this man what I mean.