All terrain wheel recommendations

Hi everyone,

I’m looking for some all terrain wheels that come with pulleys and belts. I’m a little stuck on which ones to go for.

I love the idea of airless wheels but I’m open to ones with inner tubes. What do people suggest?

Any recommendations would be really appreciated. I want something soft and durable that I can use on road and off road (canal paths, etc).

Thanks, Daniel


As nice as those are they’re massively out of my price range! Didn’t want to spend anymore than £100 really as they’re going to be cheap winter wheels.


I was looking at them a minute ago! I wonder what the reviews will be like though?

Per what I’ve seen on this fourm. Higher rolling resistance than real air tires, but if you go too fast they spin off. So ziptie them down if you are going over 25mph.

There’s also the 3d printed hubs, I’m working with them now. Front ones seemed fine, but rear hubs and the sprocket is a bit difficult to print with perfect tolerances with the cheaper printer I have. All in with plastic+printer+nuts/bolts etc… I’m well over what some sixshooters would be worth. But at least I have a printer to use for other projects.


What board is it going on? I’ve just got a set of evolve at’s for my dual rear set up and with a little messing they will work fine for the price. Six shooters are far better though but you have to pay for them. The evolve are cheap and work. One thing with evolve though is the stepped up axle on their trucks. They go from 8mm to 10mm so you will have to sleeve the pulley bearing or source another that has 8mm bore.

I’ve got a DB Freeride 38" deck and Caliber II trucks. I was thinking of getting the Evolve ones. Even if they’re cheap. I just want something as a temporary thing

theres a guy whos making hubs out of some kind of plastic on here for pneumatics, they fit 8mm axles and you also have the trampa/mbs option if 6shooters out of your budget

I’m running mbs rims with evolve’s 3d printed gears. The bolt on gear was only 29.00. You will have to source your bearings tho

Two threads that may help you out if you have access to a 3D printer and a little 3D modelling experience.