All terrain wheels: Wheel Cutouts and Avoiding Wheelbite

Hello hive mind, I need your collective input on this.

I’m in the process of building a symmetrical deck with wheel cut-outs that would allow the use of both street and AT wheels. While I have a general shape for the cut-outs in mind, (shown below) I wanted to get a second, possibly more technical opinion about avoiding wheel bite.

While I’m sure the cut-out design would generally be fine for street wheels using 180mm reverse kingpins, I’m not so sure if the AT wheels would have enough articulation, resulting in wheel bite.

As a rule of thumb, it appears the design I have in mind follows the rule of one third, or 33%, I acknowledge my example is a bit rough though.


My first thoughts were that the baseplate could be moved further to the ends of the deck, and/or it would need longer cut-outs, maybe increase the 66% figure to 75-80% of the deck width?

While any wheel bite would clearly depend on whether the trucks were tightened or loose and the diameter of the tyres, has anyone worked out a guide as to the dimensions of deck cut-outs required for AT wheels to be used?