Almost Boosted |Loaded Vanguard | Caliber II’s | diyelectricskateboard Motor Mount w/ Drive Wheel Kit | SK3 168kv | VESC | 10S

Hey guys! About to venture into the world of eskate with my first build! I’d appreciate some guidance in regards to the technical compatibility of my parts list, as while I have read a ton, i’m still not 100% sure I understand everything :stuck_out_tongue:

All price is USD.

  • Loaded Vanguard - $80 Used - Awesome deck, been riding it for a while and love how it handles and feels!
  • Caliber II’s - $30 Used - Good quality no frills trucks! Works with most motor mounts.
  • Motor Mount w/ Drive Wheel Kit from diyelectricskateboards - $127 - Complete kit ready to be mounted to my calibers and kegels.
  • Orangatang Kegel 80mm 80a - $60 - Fits directly onto the motor mounts and should work well on an eboard.
  • VESC - $100-165 - Not sure if I am going to buy from @chaka or @torqueboards yet.
  • This Generic TX/RX - $45 - Nice an compact.

I’m not sure what I will do for batteries yet, my build is heavily inspired by @Dunkirk’s build here and he used a custom 10S2P18650 setup and also a 2x5S LIPO setup.

My questions are:

Gearing - What gearing should i pick for a 10S setup fair with the 192kv sk3 motor? The 3 options that they offer are: 12T/36T, 14T/36T, 16T/36T, and i’m not sure what the best one is (@Dunkirk used 14/36T)

Enclosure - I was thinking about making one from fiberglass using a foam mould - has anyone tried this?

Amazon - I have $1000 in amazon credit, so I’d like to purchase anything possible from there since i need to get it used. Is there any eskate vendors on amazon?

Thanks guys, awesome amount of info on these forums!


Use this calculator to determine your gearing in function of how fast you want the board to go.

Bear in mind that a 12T motor pulley doesn’t have a lot of teeth in mesh and you risk skipping teeth, especially on a single drive setup. I think 14/36 is a good choice.

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Thanks for the link! I had a muck around in the calculator and I think 14/36 seems like the best option as I don’t need the top end speed of 16/36.

I would get a 14 tooth and 16 tooth motor pulley and try them both. The 14 tooth pulley will give you better hill climbing performance and acceleration while the 16 tooth will give you another 4 or 5 mph max velocity topping out around 28 mph.

Best use of your amazon credit may be to purchase some 18650 cells if you want to take on a battery build.

Keep in mind that deck is going to flex when you design your enclosures

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Thanks for the input @chaka :slight_smile: Unfortunately I can’t buy any batteries from amazon because I live in australia (no one will ship li-on batts here). And yes, I plan to design it in two sections similar to the boosted board enclosures.

Just a humble opinion here but if you are using the VESC I would consider using the nyko cama nunchuck wii thingy. Its cheaper and allows for a cruise button!!

I linked it to amazon per your $1000 credit hahahaha

Thanks, I did consider that but I heard there are lots of range and disconnect problems, hence why I picked an RC variant. How has it been for you?

@lowGuido will tell you “solder to save lives” lol

So I have mine soldered on, cant really talk about drop outs too much just because I had gotten my board run over by a car and I had a really bad solder job in place on my VESC. Dont ask lol I def have moments at FULL throttle that I get a drop out, but again, I have a solder job that got ran over by a car… So I am not ready to blame the Nyko just yet…

yeah the Nyko kama is hands down the best transmitter I have used, (and I have used a few)

I’ll second that. Not a single dropout since I started.

One caveat: when you need to bail holding a Nyko Kama, good luck finding your battery cover and batteries afterwards. I have a piece of inner-tube stretched over the cover to prevent it popping open when I bail.

having said that, I have a mate who has taken a few good slams on his Kama and its still going strong… it looks a bit uglier with some big gouges in the plastic but its still working.

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Did this get built?