Almost finished 10S5P 3d enclosure files. [Help needed!]

Hi everyone.

I am in need of some help with some 3d files. I have borrowed some models from others here on the site, and i have modified them so they could accommodate the 50 18650 batteries.

I now need som help with the finishing touches.

  • I firstly need some help with changing the “VESC” file so its flat and not curved at the bottom. and then i would like the edges to be 4mm thick since i am going to coat it with glassfiber.

  • Secondly i need help with making a curve to the “bag” file so it ends more natural and looks more like the boasted board design, so that also includes maybe changing the screw holes to a form like the one in the VESC file where its all flat and a big washer like metal piece can help destribute the weight.

I really hope someone can help me, it would be a fantastic great help.

Of course here is the files.


Help is greatly appreciated.

where are the rest of the files? that won’t fit a 10s5p

Hi sorry you are right. I have added a middle piece to the drive folder, to extend so it can contain 3rows with each 2 in height and 7 cells wide that equals. Then a single row with 7 end the end and the BMS

hey I could help you. what format would you like the final parts in? stl?

What software did you make these is? Is it possible to convert the files into a STEP format? This will be much easier to modify.

On the VESC file what do you class as the bottom? Is it this curved face you need flattening?

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I have the files as STL because i use Tinkercad for the 3d modeling. Since i dont know how to use the other more complicated software.

If possible i will try to convert to other formats. I just dont know how.

The VESC file just need to be flattend so i can use it one a flat board and not a board that bend slightly as its made to. If possible i would also like the walls to be around 4-5mm thick since i will be coating them with glassfiber.

If you could help me it would be a great help.

Yes the formats is stl. If needed i can try to get them converted if possible to other formats.

Hi mate, yes they are very easy mods to make but are hard to do on my software with just an STL file.

When you convert to an STL it converts the shape into triangles making it hard to work with. A much quicker option for me would be to redraw the parts. I don’t have much time at the moment but here’s the flat VESC holder for you. It’s nearly identical but I don’t have time to precisely match the curves.

That is just great thank you very much. What file format do you need to do it easy?

Do you know if there is a way to change it to STEP or other format you could use.

I don’t use TinkerCAD so aren’t sure… Does it give you any options on export or save as?