Alpha Build, The Torque Misconception, & JLabs Open Source Motor Mount / Orangatang Spacers

So I was eager to finish my first build, and have everything done, except an enclosure… Here is the Alpha build parts list…

Tacon Bigfoot 110 295kv (Read my torque review further down!!) FVT 120A 6S esc Wiiceiver from justin david Fly venom 6s 5400Mah Battery Custom Motor Mount (Below) Caliber Trucks Orangatang Kegel Gear Ratio 14/36 1/2 inch Risers Quest Deck

I was hoping to have an enclosure done but, I have have tried to print it several times (without success) so I just put everything together and double side taped it, with zip ties for the battery. I know it dosnt look the best but it is functional for now.

My Review This board is amazing, I am over impressed with the battery life, and the throttle smoothing is outstanding. I was riding this in 5 minutes or less The Fly Venom is a great battery and charging it is the easiest thing. I purchased it because of reviews and overall reliability. The Wiiceiver is literally amazing! Everyone on here was complaining about drop outs, and I havnt had one yet (I have rode for over 10 Hours!) Austin is the greatest guy and helped me with a lot!! The FVT esc is great! It hasnt over heated or even got hot for that matter… I am overjoyed with this board, I just wish I had an enclosure to finish it off and make it look like a true eboard. Its killing me!

The Torque Misconception Everyone on here is like get a 210kv or below motor if you are using single drive or want to climb hills. Despite this I went with the 295kv Tacon. I am going to say that no, the board does need a few kicks to get going, but once you do I can honestly say I think it can climb ANY HILL. I live on top of a big hill (small mountain) and this one motor has climbed every hill I have thrown at it… I way about 150lbs and this thing flies up hills. I am not a speed demon and dont exceed 17mph because I dont need to. 17mph is really fast unless you are on a flat smooth road which for me is really never. So if you can find this motor get it! The torque misconception is this. If you have a higher kv motor, and gear it low it can and will climb hills as fast as you need. At first I was like why am I building a board that cant climb hills, when that is what is all around me… But once I rode it, I have no doubt in my mind, if you are under 200ish pounds a low geared high kv motor is the way to go… This motor has more torque than nanny’s van.

Now some pictures

<img src=“” width=“690” height=“388” My motor got scratched becasue I dodnt realize that it was angled slightly upwards so if I hit something relatively high it would scratch…

JLabs Open Source Motor Mount I designed this my self and made it my self with out a CNC. I wanted a clamp on mount becasue I wasn’t comfortable welding aluminum. You can change the angle of the motor and adjust belt tension. Here is a picture

Take this, modify it and send me a link! This fits Tacons for sure! I am almost positive that it fits NTM, Sk3, and any other motor with the same configuration (torqueboards motor) I will be posting these on thingiverse in the coming days for you to download, modify, share, and most importantly make!

JLabs Orangatang Spacers I have designed spacers for the orangatang kegel, that easily allow you to bolt your pulley to. There is one spacer on each side that allows you to easily keep your pulley flush and adjust to pulley ‘length’ from the wheel. I used 60mm M4 bolts and tapped my pulley and used lots of locktite. Here are some pictures (You can also see above)

I will be selling these as a set of 4 different lengths (unless requested) for $8 total plus shipping to where ever you may call home

Well I hope you enjoy!! Let me know what you think! This is over 6 months in the making! JLabs

(PS I also have an enclosure model if anyone is interested)


Where did you get your pulleys from?

looks sweet man!

I bet you can work wonders on my shitty remote design with those cad skilz

I think the problem is people put too much emphasis on motor KV! The truth is that motor KV is not really that important…in most cases it can be ignored becasue Its a relitivly simple choice based on the answers from other questions.

the KV is ultimatley determined by these factors.

  1. your battery voltage.
  2. you reduction ratio
  3. your wheel size
  4. your desired top speed.

Assuming your have normal wheel sizes & common reduction ratio you tend to need higher KV motors with lower battery voltages… if you increase your voltage you tend to need to use lower KV… selecting higher or lower KV in the belief you get a better torque output is probably not the right thought process for the beginner. The best way to controll (increase/decrease) the torque output from a motor is using different reduction ratios or wheel sizes.

My advice for the beginner is to work backwards from their desired top speed, then factor wheel size, then gearing ratio, the pack voltage, then you have your motor KV answer worked out for you.

I wrote in detail about that here:

Of the 4 boards I have built so far the one that has the Tacon 160 is the most fun. The rest are running Turnigy 63 series and still need to be dialed in.

Whoever picked up those 2 Tacon 110’s that were on sale here a short while ago is going to have a sweet dual motor machine. I almost grabbed them but I had already gone out on a limb on a set of hub motors.

Nice review!


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Nice review. I’ve been thinking the same thing in regards to torque. I’ve mainly been riding an E-GO cruiser and it’s not fast nor does it have much power, but it gets me up pretty much anything I throw at it and I’m running a smaller 33t Evolve gear. I can’t go up steeper grades from a standstill, but I’m okay if I have a little running start. Since I’ve never had a reason to stop or start on an incline, it’s never been an issue. On flats, it has enough power to get me on my way. I don’t even have to push.

Of course I’m in the process of building a better board, but I’d probably be fine with my E-GO’s performance if it just went a bit faster. Of course, I mainly ride my electric to commute, so I torque isn’t the most important thing to me either.

Let me know if u ever want to get rid of the tacon if the hub motors work out

A supplier my dad found. I’m sure u can find them on Sdp/si tho

Finished the board, and forgot to post an update. I 3d printed an enclosure that has a built in switch mount and lots kg cooling for the esc. Here are some pics.


Could not find a link to that motor mount. Is it on thingiverse?

Where are you located? maybe i’ll buy some of your spacers :slight_smile:

Pennsylvania, United States

Do you have some pics maybe?^^

Going to print the mk2 enclosure. Fits a FVT 120a, 6s lipo, and wiiceiver like a glove.

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Just thinking since it’s 3D print… How about a handle? You could add it to the side

Good idea, too bad I all ready started the print.


Well i think abs isnt that expensive so you could improve this one even more and ad a handle and other things to it, maybe an option for lights in the future

Are you still selling the spacers? I’d like to order a set!

Yes sure, I will pm you