Alter Bags - Electric Skateboard Bag

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Is there a picture of how you strap a board to it? I feel like that’s something everyone would want to know to gauge how reliable the mechanism is.


seconded, I couldn’t find anything like that on the site. seems kinda important. Also, no information on how thick of a board it’ll hold - I know I have a pretty chunky enclosure

I’ll see if the owner if these things is willing to come and answer these questions.

Have you guys seen or tried the inboard board pack? It seems good and I talked to inboard and they said it can hold more than the actual weight of the inboard m1.

I ordered the Alterbags Maxi today for my LaCroix board. Also want to see if it will fit my DIY. I think they are sold out now but I will let you guys know what it’s like after I get it.

Just messaged Ken, the guy responsible for this bag. See if he is keen to give some input




Here ya go,

I just got my bag from Ken so i’ll try it on some of my decks and see which can fit, i got the smaller one.

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I got the mini, and it can fit my Prism origin V1 deck with a thick double stack enclosure.

The length of the bag from top to bottom for your board for the mini is about 45cm, or 1& 1/2 ft. So your clearance must be long enough for it to fit. If you mount your motors forward itll take up some length space as well. A jet spud with an Eboosted enclosure fits just nicely, if you get a double stack enclosure for example you might need to get the maxi for more room. 20190413_152602 20190413_152610


Hope you are enjoying your backpack @Linny !

Thanks for the shoutout guys.

Feel free to ask me any questions about it and I will try my best to answer.


Ive been watching these guys for a while, only thing holding me back is ive got a drop down deck and dont know if it would fit.

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Depending on how much is the drop down, size of your trucks and how you position the board. You might get away with it if you dont tilt your head back too much. We tried it with the lacroix with a slight drop down and it works.

We are definitely looking to test out fittings with more boards as we go along!

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Any reason why buckles are used for the deck straps instead of velcro cinch straps like Obed does? I feel the straps offer a slimmer profile. A pic for reference. image

A couple of reasons in fact, most of which is just our opinion when designing our bags.

1. Ease of installation and removal.

2. With buckles we are able to cater to more board designs, especially those with wider decks, thicker enclosures and not compromise the fit for those with a slimmer profile.

3. We find that in the long run, velcro does not tend to wear in very well.


Hi guys just wanted to move the chat over to this thread instead, for ease of communication and updates :slightly_smiling_face:

You should be receiving yours anytime now. One of our customers in Cali just received his.