Altered Fantom 1.0 for $49 or less

A lot of locations have the Altered Fantom skateboard on sale for $49. Some have it even lower. One Walmart 5 miles from my house has a couple in stock for $19!

I know these are crap, especially since I’m 200 lbs (Weight limit 20lbs). Could this still be worth getting for parts or just a waste of space? Could be worth getting one just to mess around with too.

Walmart Store Finder (You Can Check Inventory Here Too)

Inventory Checker Search Engine, Search Item Number: 46691226

Site I Found the Deal On: Slickdeals.Net

I know there was a topic on this board recently but I figured some people might want to know about the clearance.

Same crap…just smaller and lower voltage

So what ever happend with your p.o.s 12v build. I’m doing something very similar with a 400w fiik clone. Going from 24v to over 40v

Lol I put it at 6s

A low speed carving machine

Nice. I may upgrade to a 600w or 1000w there around online for under 100

Lol u still using the DC motor?

Yes. It has good torque but not top speed. Maybe 15mph at the most

Lol I have a belt and the wheels that I’m not using …

You can have them if you wanna pay the shipping

I’ll keep you in mind. I have a yuneec ego that I’m working on I burnt up the esc debating on switching to vesc or ordering another stock one I love using an iPhone for a remote

I had an Altered children’s toy electric skateboard laying around that recently stopped working.

When it was working i was reluctant to take it apart because it was pretty much the only electric skateboard I had that ACTUALLY WORKED.

It was heavy with lead acid batteries… had a low weight limit… and only went 10mph… BUT IT WAS GREAT FOR GOING TO THE STORE TO GET GROCERIES!!!

After a while it stopped working… it wouldnt hold a charge… it wouldnt move when it was fully charged… it had lost a lot of its torque over the few months ive owned and abused it… so i figured i had nothing to lose but to take it apart… the motor mount had one of those convenient cases around it that protect the pulley and what not from gravel, rain, etc… and i managed to completely remove the existing motor and mount my TURNIGY In its place…

Much to my amazement the TURNIGY motor fits perfectly, and the shaft is lined up exactly where the previous childrens toy motor was.

I’m using the same wheel pulley and belt from the childrens toy, so all i need is the exact same motor pulley to put on my motor

The motor pulley from the childrens toy is impossible to remove from the childrens toy motor as its sort of welded on as i guess they never thought anyone would ever modify it…


hey guys i have i fiik big day or in the neterlands a skatey 800 it hase 3 12 v batterys witch make 36 v but i want to put lipo in it but wat s ???