Alternative motor placement

Let’s say I made a mistake and welded the motor bracket incorrectly :wink: so that for a regular rider the motor can only be placed either on the rear and opposite to heelside or in the front and heelside. Which would be the best alternative to back and heelside motor placement? Or is this now a total waste?

Toeside rear will work just as good. The difference really isn’t that big. Source: I’ve ridden both.


It’s really not that big of a deal. Toeside rear is fine.

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@wiehan I actually chose toe-side. I like being able to see the motor and belt while I ride. It performs extremely well. I don’t notice a different when I try switching and riding regular-foot (I’m goofy-footed). Riding with a single front-mounted wheel is OK, but I prefer the torque to come from the back wheel. So ya, @trbt555 and @psychotiller are right!

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It will work either way. As everyone has already said. Although a few people (myself included ) have found that with hard carving, heel side rear and toeside front make a killer combination.


How come I never really see the motor mounted on the outside on the rear of the board vs mounted inside under the deck? would seem having out the rear you would be able to get more ground clearance with the motor

Usually you can’t stand your board up because of the motor … also tucked under it’s a bit more stealth

It works either way

Evolve does it. I’ve seen a few DIY builds too. You get more ground clearance, but then you have a motor sticking out the back. Unless your tail is long enough, you can’t stand your board on it’s tail without it resting on the motor. Plus, if you go off a curb, you are more likely to hit your motor.

I think a lot of people who want a lower ride opt for hub motors. With all the options we have now it makes a lot of sense to go that route vs. mounting your motor out the back.

Out the back lets you have a lower ride.

Motor can also have more ground clearance,

and truck also protects it from debris.

…I actually think there is less chance of hitting motor going down a curb when out the back.

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When I had an Evolve, I scraped my motor going off any curb if I didn’t have enough speed to clear it. If I was going slow, I would get off my board and lift it.

…I really would’nt need much speed to clear 4" :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I ride a lot in the city. So a lot of stopping for traffic, pedestrians,… It’s the stopping at curbs and going off them at walking speeds that got me.

ok thanks guys. might try it out the back.If anything I can just move it under if it turns out not to work good. I will be going over curbs rarely as im not in a city and mostly riding on greenway trails!