Alternative to TSG helmets?

Hello, atm I’m using a regular skateboard but would like an alternative fullface helmet like TSG. Reason I’d like something else than TSG is the pricetag. Motorcycle helmets are way to heavy.

So do you have any recommendations for me?

PS . I live in Sweden, so prefer something from EU. DS. Thanks!

Triple Eight Invader Full Face Helmet $100 at Amazon


not sure if its available in the eu, but in the U.S. one of the most popular budget full face helmets is the bell drop. its a mountain bike helmet and weighs about the same as the tsg I think. Visor kits are available or u can make your own.

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Bell Sanction looks and ferls great. As well as 661 Comp Shifted which i have.

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Ruroc helmets are EU but even more expensive lol.

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Have you looked for tsg on snowbitch? They were heavily discounting some helmets.

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But not many sizes left though :frowning:

I bought my tsg carbon for $250 usd . Just google searched and found a deal.

Dude, Ruroc all day everyday especially in spring/fall when it’s cold as hell in Sweden.



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Suomy Jumper is a super light downhill helmet 690g

Don’t dismiss a MX style helmet with goggles and a visor untill trying one out.

The peak blocks the evil orb late in the day, allowing you to ride into the sunset.

More ventilation, and goggles don’t really fog up like face shields do.


Anyone here uses Tuzo? example:

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AOB Full Face, another EU alternative. Gravity House sells them for a good price I feel like.

To expensive in my opinion, I’m thinking of gettin a light motorcyckle helmet instead…

Can’t find weights on any of these

I’m checking these aswell but this one is an expensive one.

damn wish there was a US version of that

Damn, thats better looking imo and like half as expensive as much as a TSG.

Can anyone vouch for these? I might pick one up.

Mr Jump review by the guy in the above video.

Mr Jump = MX/enduro race approved helmet.

And a thread on the MX Tourer (dual sport helmet with the face shield, the visor, and the internal tinted visor)

Dont buymotorcylce helmets. Even the lightest one is heavier than regular fullface. Good helmet should weight around 900g. And there are even few lighter options.

I had one of these and the fit for me wasn’t great. But for someone with a large head there is more room than the largest of the tsg helmets.