Aluminium or abs enclosure?

Hello I need your help guys. I have the decision to buy one big abs enclosure for about 50$ or to buy some small aluminium enclosures for about 100$. The aluminium enclosure I mean is pretty similar to this one, just other measurements. I would lay some aluminium enclosures next to each other just in case my board flex(my board is very stiff). So what would you do, buy one abs enclosure or some aluminium enclosures and why? (I hope you understand what I mean, I’m from germany) Thanks!


ABS for impact resistance and maybe weight too


Single abs will look better in the first place unless you manage to line the boxes up perfectly. Also as mentioned you’ll no doubt have gravel/rocks hitting the enclosure while riding and the little scratches won’t show up as much on ABS/kydex.

If you are going for all metal look or something could maybe see it but keep in mind will be more maintenance to keep it looking good. Function wise either works fine plastics you don’t need to worry as much about disturbing radio signals and don’t need to worry about causing shorts.


Vibrations Will with time short everythhing if you dont properly insulate everything

Yes I know, I will put the most stuff into heat shrink tubes.



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Fibreglass isn’t a bad option. Very tough, non conductive and repairable if you get attacked by a shark. These are the ones I make (UK) but not so difficult to make one yourself with some patience.


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I can’t say about abs since I don’t have a plastic enclosure. But the stainless steel one I use is very damage resistant. I’ve bumped it many times and it still holds its shape, but the downside is radio connectivity which is why I am looking for an integrated enclosure deck for my next bulid.