Aluminum Deck > too much flex

I’ve got an aluminum deck, I really like the shape and size, but there is just way too much flex. My solution was to mount a piece of 6011 C channel down the middle of the deck, but that makes an enclosure almost impossible to fabricate as the deck is only 4.5in in the middle.

I’m hoping someone know a method of mitigating at least some of flex. If so, please enlighten me.

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Maybe a layer of carbon. Easiest. Thin.

Looks good

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If you add 8 plies of Canadian maple it’ll be better! :grin:


@Hummie Id love that, i lack the expertise. Is there such a thing as taking something somewhere and getting it covered in carbon fiber?

@psychotiller without a doubt, but I really wanna build this thing with some pneumatic wheels and dual motors. its a really comfortable deck, even without a concave.

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@psychotiller LOL!

add layer of metal bars underneath it.

Carbon is easy. Paper mache. Get some laminating epoxy. Light sand and acetone the bottom of the deck. Paint a layer on the whole side (avoid galvanic corrosion). Then when dry paint again and lay the fabric on and get it all wetted out but not overdo it and make it heavy and more brittle. Vacuum bag with peel-ply helps but not necessary. Finesse is good here and don’t pull the strands. Maybe tape all the carbon edges before applying or use a weave that has strands in it to hold it together. Easiest would be paint the board with epoxy and then use prepreg Carbon which is already filled with resin. U could even use the kind that goes in th oven with the aluminum board maybe if u could fit it. I think there’s prepreg that doesn’t require an oven and easier. And epoxy that uses sun rays as the catalyst and not two part necessary.

@Hummie ill do some research and see what I see, thanks for the info.

I was totally kidding.

i know, sall good.

Make an aluminum enclosure with side walls thick enough to keep it from flexing.

Maybe some heat treatment ? Or similar solutions?

Check this:

Epoxying aluminum is not that easy, The bonds are far away from reliable, and you need to prep the alum with an adhesive agent.

im thinking I’ll take a piece of 3 x 3/16 in steel stock and break a 1/2 in edge o each side, making it as long as I can so it will fit between 2 small enclosures & fasten it 4 or 5 times on both sides will barrel nuts. That should take out some of the flex and give me a wire channel between the enclosures.

You can get fine bonds to aluminum but u do have to prep the surface well as u say Remove oils and maybe use an etching solvent and carbon soon after

I think it would look much nicer and be simpler than bolts and beams

how about making the edges of the enclosure from aluminum bars for support then fasten the enclosure to the metal bars. Any welder can do that for little money.

You can easly weld aluminium with propane torch.

A steel plate is gonna be too heavy and unless you get stainless, it’ll rust. I agree with above that aluminum angle brackets could do the trick if you incorporate them into the enclosure.

If you want to avoid welding and/or go the split-enclosure route, get a 14-ply flex bridge from Trampa. It’s just a rectangular piece of the composite fiber decking they use for their boards. It’s lighter than steel or aluminum, strong as hell and can be drilled or otherwise worked to bolt right up to the bottom of the deck for increased stiffness.

Secure it with some infinity bolts from Gbomb and you’ll be set.

I am considering he trampa flex bridge, thats a cool idea.