Aluminum Motor mounts for MBS Matrix II and MBS Matrix (old type),

I offer a new type of motor mounts and belt transmissions for MBS Matrix and Matrix II,

Motor mounts is made of aluminum 10 mm thick., bottom crossbar with adjustable length is made of stainless steel.

Pulleys made of aluminum

Gear ratio is 15t/72t For this version I have 2 widths of belt transmissions, 15mm and 20mm

I am adapting 72t pulleys to hubs: MBS: Fivestar, Rockstar II, Rockstar Pro, TRAMPA: Hypa and Superstar

I can also make 60t pulleys (60t pulleys fit only to superstar hubs)

Prices: Double Motor mounts - 101 Euro Complete kit with belt pulleys and 15mm wide belts - 200 Euro Complete kit with belt pulleys and 20mm wide belts - 230 Euro

The complete kit comprises: Double motor mounts, [stainless steel and aluminum] - 1 pcs Pulley 72T HTD5M, - [Aluminum] - 2 pcs Spacers and bolts for pulley [steel] - 10 or 12 psc Belts (for 15-72t) - 2 pcs Motor pulley 15T HTD5M, - [aluminum] - 2 pcs

Side plates for Matrix II

Side plates for Matrix (old type)


Are these still available at this price?

Up! 10char

Are these the old matrix trucks ? Do you make mounts for these ?

image image


also interested in these

@Idea please!

@MannyM0E @webst @azninferno

Yes, I can make motor mounts for these trucks

For the MBS Matrix (old type) I can do 3 types of motor mounting

V4.5 - Double motor mounts, 4 crossbars - 115 Euro V5.1 - Double motor mounts, one bottom adjustable crossbar - 120 Euro V6.1 - Double motor mounts, 4 crossbars + idlers - 150 Euro

A set of pulleys and belts (20 mm wide) is an additional 130 euros

Photos of individual versions V4.5 20180528_215628_cr 20170801_2233021

20170911_071547_HDR_Film3 20170911_071459_Film3_cr


20171109_211049_cr 20171108_211341_cr

20171112_151934 20171112_152051_HDR_cr

V6.1 There will also be a 6.1 version available for the Matrix 1 truck I will post the photos in 1-2 weeks (ponizej zdjecia mocowań 6.1 dla Trampa trucks The mounts for Matrix 1 are the same, they only have a different hole for the hanger.

20180612_215653_cr 20180106_133343_cr


But I have bad news.

I am starting my holidays in mid-August, and before the holidays I have a long list of orders to be completed, so for new orders, the lead time is 7-8 weeks :confused:

@idea that’s fine with me, I’m not in a rush. I would like a set of v4.5 with 20mm belts and pulleys.

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@azninferno What hubs do you have? Where are you from? I am asking because I want to calculate shipping costs

Rockstars (not 2s, the original rockstars. They seem to have the same pattern as Rockstar 2s. If they don’t fit, i’ll just buy Rockstar 2 hubs)

I’m in the US, postal code 33469

What about Matrix II? Matrix I are hardly accessible.

@webst The same types of mounts (4.5, 5.1, 6.1) are also available for Matrix II and Trampa ATB truck





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I see, I’ll have to think this through as 7-8 weeks seems a lot of time. What’s the deadline to place an order?

@webst The sooner the better.

If you order in August, the delivery time can also be 7-8 weeks. I do not know how many other orders I will receive in August

I assume that the lead time is 7-8 weeks for any new orders right now. Is that correct?

Hello Ideatb, this is Max from Australia. i have been messaging you on facebook messenger. What is the best way to contact you? It looks like we want 4 sets, maybe 5. I want the V5.0 for MBS Matrix 2 pro. My friends want the V7.3 for MBS Matrix 2 pro One or possibly more of my friends want the 72t 20mm gear for MBS rockstar hubs. thanks Max


The best way to contact me is via the eSK8 forum The problem is that I work very much and write back in the evening only (once a day)

Motor mounts in version v7.3 with rollers is designed for a gear ratio of 15/60, Can use the 72t pulleys but you have to disassemble the idlers

I can make a pulleys in 2 widths, for 15mm and 20mm belts

Price list Motor mounts v5.0 - 120 Euro x4 = 480 Euro Motor mounts without idlers v7.3 - 140 Euro 72t/23mm (20mm belt) pulley for rockstar hub - 50 Euro x2 = 100 Euro 72t/18mm (15mm belt) pulley for rockstar hub - 45 Euro x2 = 90 Euro 15t/21mm aluminum motor pulley - 5 Euro x2 = 10 Euro 15t/16mm aluminum motor pulley - 5 Euro x2 = 10 Euro Belts 15mm - 8 Euro x2 = 16 Euro Belts 20mm - 10 Euro x2 = 20 Euro

Shipping cost to Australia - 58 Euro

Payment by PayPal

Lead time - 4 weeks

Write me what should be the width of the pulleys, then I will sum up the price of whole set

Sorry for my English

Regads: Tom

Hello 2 of us have decided to get the v5.0 my other friends are still deciding what to get and have a question.

So, can I please order now V5.0 x 2 = 240Euro 15mm belt x 2 = 16euro (belt length to suit 18-20t motor pulley, 72t wheel pulley) Shipping to Australia = ??? Do you want 100% paypal payment now? please give me instructions. These are to fit MBS Matrix 2 Pro.

My friends question, Can you make 60-62t for the MBS Rockstar Pro aluminum hub???

@idea Order above, forgot to tag you.

Max Australia

@idea I’ve got an old MBS board I’m trying to setup (pictures attached). Wheel Hub radius 5CM, space between wheel hubs about 27CM. What kit would work for this? 20190128_064424