Am I Being Stupid here? (Torqueboards Belt Mounting)

I recently purchased a Torqueboards mechanical motor kit.

After assembling the kit I found that the belt was super tight to the point it would pull on the motor mount and prevent the drive train from turning smoothly. The motor is as close to the wheel as the mount will allow and I figured the belt size is just wrong.

(ignore the pulley comment here, that’s another issue they aren’t even responding too…)

I brought this up with customer service and they say the supplied belt (280mm) is the correct size and that installing the mount in the normal direction (as opposed to reversed) would fit. I tried this too and it still didn’t (as I suspected).

I checked the geometry of the pulley system using CAD software and found that I’d need at least a 283mm+ of belt to fit the mounts however I’m still struggling to get customer service to accept that.

Can someone confirm that I’m not doing anything stupid here? Happy to hold my hands up if I’m mounting it wrong and I hope this is the case! If not has anyone got any advice for dealing with customer service? I just want to ride this thing and every back and forth is delaying me :frowning:

Those mounts are meant to be used with a crossbar from my understanding. The crossbar would solve your bending problem entirely which would keep everything in place.

That being said, no kit should have a belt that is abnormally tight at the closest setting to the wheel. Take it up with diyelectricskateboard, they tend to be pretty good with customer service.

This is just a single motor kit so I guess it’s expected not to need a crossbar.

Either way the belt is too tight, thanks for the input.