Am I being thick? Balance charging imax

Please can someone set my mind straight? Maybe I’m tired but I’ve split my 10s4p down to a 5s4p battery so that it can be balance charged occasionally by my hobby charger (imax b6ac). Which battery type should I be balance charging on? LiIo/LiFe or Lipo. Manual says end point for LiIo is 41v which I’m fine with but I would have thought it should be 42v?(ebd point for lipo)

I think I’m over tired!

If you have a lithium ion battery… which you likely do with 10s4p… charge with Liion setting… pretty self explanatory

Lipo is what I charge as

I thought so too. Just tried it and it is stopping charging at 20v

Samsung 25r cells.

According to this, you should be able to charge them to 4.2v per cell So you could use the Lipo mode or the Li-ion mode.


I think I really was over tired last night! Re read this threat this morning and I suppose the answer is staring at me.

What threw me was that the cells kept coming up as fully charged when I could see that they hadn’t fully balanced - issue was that they had no headroom left in the battery to balance it out. I will have to run it down then balance it again.

For battery health and to avoid what @Namasakihas highlighted I will only be charging to 4.1v anyway.

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