Am I the only one getting f@ked when buying used stuff in the forum!?

Why do sellers fail to mention crucial details about items they’re selling.

A few examples of items I’ve purchased and feel like I’ve been screwed over by the seller

Mbs trucks advertised as nearly new but never mentioned about oversized holes drilled on base plates.

Firefly remote advertised as new. But shit cuts out n doesn’t work properly with sticky buttons left and right.

Near new Landyachtz evo diy board with carvon drive!! To find out carvon drive is fucked up and it took months to have it serviced just to find out shit is still messed up and almost 4 months later I’m still waiting on parts from seller to get the board running. Wth!? Oh yeah. I have to keep asking about them and if I’m lucky I’ll get an answer weeks later :man_shrugging:t2:

Bkb motors nearly new at a reasonable price? To find out one of the shafts have been cut and now it’s too short to work with my motor mount. Hit buyer up n his answer. I’ve alre spent the money!! Damn

I’m I the only one with bad luck here? Has anyone else had any experience with this sort of bs?

I’m just curious


I got boned hard once with some wobbly wheels but I’ve not bought much second hand to be fair.

Everyone has different ways to measure wear though, I think thats the main issue with smaller faults. We all perceive used items at different levels of wear.


Yeah. I hear you. Maybe the best thing to do is quit trying to save money by buying used stuff lol


Some advice for those looking to build on a budget

Always ask as many questions as possible and NEVER send money through PayPal as friends and family


This^ exactly. Most of us learn these lessons the hard way, it’s unfortunate but true. That’s why here we preach avoidance of F&F PayPal whenever possible. It’s worth the extra 3% in business transactions just in case that “brand new” item that you’re purchasing turns out to be a whole different situation.


This is exactly my issue with people selling things “like new” or “new never used” at near new prices. When you buy from a vendor it comes with some level of warranty that you’re receiving a working part. If you buy from Joe Schmo he doesn’t have more to replace the broken ones you receive.


Yeah! Sometimes we’ll do whatever it takes to save a few pennies But hey. I guess that’s the reason why we’re here. To learn from our mistakes right :rofl:


yo i got a motor for you…cheap! and like new! lol


Hoe much :joy::joy:

Isn’t that the one I sold to you!? Lmao. Let me know if you did have any issues. I’ll be more than happy to refund you brother


Yes. Two same-side bindings. Trampa doesn’t have spare pads of that side and only sells bindings in pairs. Sigh.

The price for the board + bindings was super dope though!


:rofl::rofl::rofl:. Now that’s funny. Why does shit like this happen to us? Lmao. Damn.

I really was lucky then Maybe it’s because I ask so much questions, and ask for pictures ! More than the one provided often But I’ll watch out for the PayPal thing, I admit I mostly used the friend stuff But because this is a forum, and the guy is quite active I can find him easily in case of troubles


It’s a hit or miss. I’ve only Been disappointed 25% of the time. The other 75% has been legit transactions

It just suxs that sometimes sellers fail to mention little things that can affect the transition! obviously this is depending on buyers perspective What might be ok or not a big deal to some might not be the case for others.

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I bought a used motor. Was advertised as working. One of the motor wires got loose as soon as I did motor detection :cry::sob::sob:.

Well it’s fixable so not too fucked over

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If i buy used, I prefer to be able to meet up and see it first. Ive driven 250 miles to meet up for a purchase but i dont get screwed over… Some members are just so legit that i dont even worry when i purchase it from them but those people are rare


Only bad experience was when I purchased an “unused” anti spark sure it looked new but it never worked and I tested it months after the purchase. I ended up buying a mini sparky to replace it and that broke too but at least I bought that one new and they did replace it.

That sucks man I guess we must stay vigilant with used items. Btw I had a Firefly remote and to be fair they are all a bit unreliable.

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Local buys brother. Been lucky here in EU…all used good purchases have been on up and up.

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Haha. Temptation will take over when you see something you really want n like haha

I sold my board to @janpom and my paranoia was high :smiley: I took pictures of it in the absolute worst white general lighting possible from every single angle and explained as much as I could. I still felt like what I sent out wasn’t good enough!