Am I the only one having this much fun? E-powered Drift Trikes

I started with something like this:

I used a Golden Motor Magic Pie with build in Controller… Then its really easy fast build, you only need 2 Parts which work as a torque arm, can post pics later if you want to ?!

The overall power is not that much, and of course the hole Build is a little small for bigger people… also i bend the frame fast and the wheels weared out as i mentioned fast…

BUT its an easy start to get on with it, upgradet later the inernal GoldenMotor Controller against a cheap 20S controller and tripple the output with this … the Motor itself is very reliable IMO … my Girlfriend is still using this Motor from my first build

You can upgrade the Traid Frame with other Axles to using Kart Tires, got some of this stuff still laying around anywhere (-;



@Nowind Thanks for the detailed response. I’d really like to see more pictures, especially of the torque arm you’re talking about. I’ll take a look at that trike and motor. I was thinking of a 12s system to start using batteries I have. 20s can wait…just want to know what it will take to get on a decent starter trike for the last amount of money.

Do you go far go fast? I’m intrieged. I want to commute with one but think I might get squished by a car or ticketed. Strangers ask about my eboard but are afraid to ride but who doesn’t want to ride a bigwheel. How bout the Greenmachine!?

I found out the hard way about the torque arm for front-wheel drive hub motors. It’s like the brake arm on your old bmx bike that didn’t have free-wheel in the back, it had reverse-pedal brake. This keeps your hub motor from rotating out of the slotted forks due to the torque. Can’t believe they don’t come with front wheel hub motors, it’s 100% necessary for safety. I couldn’t find a reasonably priced 20" hub motor back when I did mine so I went with 26". On 10S lipo I get about 20-22mph top speed on a 36V 80 watt motor. I would also add that I built my trike without any welding the first go around. Knowing now what I didn’t then, I should have left the upper tube attached to the seat post. I cut mine short and all the bending force goes to the bend in the frame where the pedals normally go. You can do it without welds, you just have to get creative with bolts and added metal to construct it.

Phase 1: Collect drift trike. CHECK Phase 2: ??? Phase 3: Profit!!

@pylonflyer & @nowind, wanna help me figure out Phase 2? Magic pie motor? Skate truck with hub motors and PVC slide Wheels attached to the rear?? Meth and steroid addicted hamsters in the slide wheels??? So many options…

@nowind Did you say you had extra parts laying around that you might like to sell?

Say hello to my unknowing victim. :smiling_imp:


Awesome, man. I am curious too. I wonder if you can simply buy a hub motor minus spokes and rim and just lace it up? That was my plan if I go build another one so I don’t have the giant 26" front wheel.

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I’ve a friend who instantly ripped his dropouts off his fork with a strong hub motor and he had to have a reinforced custom fork made. I forget what torque his motor put out but just saying maybe worth looking into if you go super powerful.


Same basis as i choosed (-: Will check what is left from mine build… There should be two Torquearms for this fork and 25mm Axles for use with Kart Hubs.

Will have an look in the garage this evening …

I like the GM Magic Pie stuff… if you go with the build in controller its an ultra easy way to start… the power is not amazing but it can be upgradet later with a 72V Controller and then the motors produce about 3KW without heat issues


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This are the torquearm parts, just a round piece of aluminium in the dimension of the bearings… with a slot for the motor… nothing special but worked good for me!

@nowind That seems so simple. Do you happen to have another pair of these torque arm mounts that you’d want to sell? Or could you make a set for me? I think I’ll eventually go the magic pie route once I scrounge up another $400-$500. :money_mouth:

I’m the meantime, I’m gonna use my ESk8 parts to experiment with this crazy idea, and see if I can make a rear wheel drive drift skate trike with a pair of Jacob’s hub motors and Torqueboard ESCs on 12s. This is only a mock up, but I’m sure you get the idea.

Or, could you put the urethane hub motor wheels up against the PVC drift tires to drive them?

@Pylonflyer That’s an interesting idea. Not sure how I’d go about mounting the motors, especially since I don’t have any welding tools or skills. But I’ll keep that in mind as an option.


The rear end of these frames with the seat and wheels and being so low to the ground it looks super racy. Awesome. The front of the vehicle on the other hand with the high wide bars and other wheel are like a kids tricycle. Any chance of putting more of an f1 handlebar and smaller front wheel, more laid back seat, and more rake on the front? Ever see any like that? could maybe make a great mile:watthours vehicle for high speeds. Street luge with handlebars.

I tried the gravity drift trikes at maryhill a couple seasons ago, so much fun! Gravity bikes were rad too.

Duct tape, hot glue and popsicle sticks should do it.

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You mean something more like this? It’s pretty laid back as it is.


So, I ended up using Velcro straps, wood block, and scrap LDPE instead of tape, glue and popsicle sticks, but it still worked! It’s alive!! And just in time to ring in the New year. Took it up and down the block a few times and it’s pretty fast. I couldn’t quite get my PVC coupler/slide wheels onto Jacob’s hubs, so I’m running them as is. I’m gonna put some miles on this tomorrow and see how it holds up.

Looks like you and @nowind aren’t the only ones having fun with these things! :smile:


Non-driftable drift bike isn’t it?

If you want me to give a shot at resoldering your hub motors send them or bring them over.

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@Hummie It’s driftable, but not quite as easily as before. Just means I have to go faster and try a little harder to throw it into a drift, but it still drifts just fine. Interestingly, due the geometry of the trike, and the fact that the truck is sticking out past the rear wheels a bit, when you turn the front wheel, it lifts the truck a tiny bit, and slightly unweights the truck/hubs making it easier to drift the more you turn the front wheel. I hope that makes sense. I’ll try to shoot a video soon.

And I’ll send my hubs to you soon to fix (my fault). It’s been so crazy with work and the holidays that I haven’t had a chance yet.

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HI Guys i have been a lurker on these forums for a whilst now if your looking for any parts let me know i can help we are located in Brisbane