Am I the only one having this much fun? E-powered Drift Trikes

Practical, no. Massive fun, Yes! I can’t wait to get my trike put back together. I feel lost without it right now. Soon, soon I shall be grinding PVC across the pavement. Till then, I have my E-Skate. Let me know what you think or have questions!


I think this is awesome! And I question why you had to stick this rabbit hole right in front of me? Lol.


haha, looks like fun. Looks like ah harder job than an eskate IMO though.

Story of my life, hence a YouTube Channel now.


@Nowind has done it:(who would have thought of that^^)


That things is nuts. I need to make one now, haha.

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It seems like on every “Has anybody ever done that” Posts on this Forum, the answer is @Nowind had done it and he had gone nuts. And yes, i want one too.


Ok maybe no wind had done it already… but has anybody made esk8 designed for drifting? Seems like it would be fun

Haha i was at the shop the other day looking at one thinking i could motorize that… please think of an excuse not to buy it.

Your doctor said you have a heart condition and you can’t have this much fun.,285.jpg Crazy cart

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These E-Drift Trikes are so much fun to ride, had to build another one for my Girlfriend. Love to look at her when she drift the corners, really cool :heart_eyes:

Have done alot mods to the one from the linked video, like a second hydraulic brake cuircit for the rear axle. And a bad ass Transformer sign :imp:

Unfortunaly i managed to destroy this CRO Motor, maybe its only a broken Hallwire i have to take it apart… it was just an amazing setup, maybe for people with suicidal tendences :dizzy_face: 20S Lipo with a Sabvoton 150A controller will put about 10KW on the frontend, VMAX about 75kmH

Hang Loose Jenso


Relationship goals! Nice machines dude :slight_smile:

Greets from Saarbrücken :monkey:


@nowind those are awesome, nice fabrication work! I need to replace the stock, skinny tire on my hub motor. I’ve always hated the look of it but now is the time to swap it out. Should have some time this weekend to grind down the new support tube weld and prep for new paint!

Do u find replacement rear plastic wheels? I guess u must. I guess they’re out there. U could bring this to the bigwheel downhill race here in sf an dominate.

@Hummie its just PVC drain pipe.

I debated purchasing these for my trike when I was having issues with my PVC slicks sliding off the Harbor Freight dolly wheels. They’re well made and you don’t have to deal with a pneumatic tube/tire on top of the PVC slicks.

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First build was based on the Traid Drift Trike which uses this Wheels. For me they dont last long, and compared to a kartwheel with tube on it it feels more uncomfortable.

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Good to know, thanks!

Do you guys have any links or recommendations for economical trike models that might be good to electrify? Or @Nowind any comments on which of those Triad models would work best? I’d love to go the full DIY route like @Pylonflyer, and hack up am old bike, but unfortunately, I don’t know how to weld, and don’t have time or resources to learn any time soon.

And most importantly, do you have names or links of affordable hub wheel options that are proven and reliable? I’ll be searching the interwebs, but any feedback from the “pros” is appreciated.