Amazon or HobbyKing Lipos

I need to pick up 5x 2s lipos for my build. I’d like 4kmah or higher. I’ve been waiting for HobbyKing to have a sale no but most are $30 plus. I’ve noticed a few brands on Amazon around $24 a piece. Anyone have experience or still with HK?

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I run hobbyking lipos, haven’t had any issues thus far.

I run 6x Ovonic 2s1 6400mah 50c. On a single 195kv 6374 belt, they’re pretty decent. I had one swell on me due to user error. But was discounted to me by seller to replace. From Amazon

a little curious why 5x 2s and not 2x 5s?

Cause its how I wanted to do it.

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Maybe to make the pack slimmer without taking it apart


That’s using your head


Thanks for being helpful @Sk8Board, that makes sense. love the attitude joker, you’ll really get places with that spunk :wink:

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you can always add one more and go 12s or take one away and go 10. …

“4kmAh” ffs just say 4Ah [k] kilo x1000 [m] milli /1000 X*1000/1000=X


C’mon let’s actually help him not turn it into an argument… pleaseeee.

I’d go with HK I have and have bought 13 soon to be 23 lipos from them, all of which have been good. It is preferred to get higher mah though as when only discharged to 3.7v you won’t get max capacity. Maybe only 3/4

Someone skipped 6th grade :smiley:


i doubt that may be usefull information for future life…

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This thread is about to degenerate. Popcorn

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Check the c ratings and look for reviews (as c ratings dont tell the full story of voltage sag, and are often somewhat made up by marketing departments anyway).

Cheap 18650 = terrible time Cheap Lipo = still a good time

If your board pulls 60A (this is quite a bit), a 4Ah battery will need to be 15c. With many batteries advertising 60-100c discharge, even a badly performing or mislabeled battery will likely meet the 15c you need.

18650 on the other hand… So a HG2 can provide 20A so in a 3P configuration, you’ll just be fine. A cheap 18650 will deliver 5A (if you’re lucky), so you’ll only get 15A or a 1/4 of your power.

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you get a slimmer finish