Andy One - Namasaki´s 10s and 12s Build


A couple months ago, I made a post asking for information regarding batteries, motors and ect… I was planning to use 18650 cells that I would either buy or salvage from dead laptop batteries. So, I actually did buy laptop battery cells, and was planning on soldering them, but looking for a decent spot welder was expensive, and by the time @darkkevind pointed me towards a decent DYI spot welder @hornet90 pointed me towards @Namasaki’s 10s LiPo build. Therefore, I did some reading and found out that the power LiPo’s give are insane, so I went with it.

As a side note for @darkkevind I am on that spot welder, and have been watching your videos and updates… Just want to finish my first board before I get it.

Anyways… The worst thing about building my EBoard was definitely the “connector’s issue”. What is the “connector’s issue”? Well… Almost all of the components to my EBoard were incompatible due to connectors… Meaning, they were compatible just not able to plug to each other. The FOCBOX came with different size bullet connectors than the motor, also the JST connectors for the sensors (Which I still have not connected) came with a different size than the FOCBOX. The batteries also had different size bullet pins.

And the craziest part… The charger I blew up? Well the charge port that I got, that was compatible with the charger had the positive (Red cable) where the negative goes on the charger… I do not know if what I am saying is clear, but if I soldered the red cable to my positive battery cable and black from charge port to black battery cable, if I were to plug the charger (which I did) the polarity would be incorrect and that is why it blew.

My fault I know… Do not trust cables and always check… But I didn’t know that a couple days back.

That was the worst most tedious part.

Then there was the motor mount… I literally threw a couple bucks in the toilet bowl here also because I did not know what the fuck I was doing. I got some trucks that did not turn for crap and a 20 something euro ebay mount kit… And yeah… Did not work.

So I ended up changing to some banging Caliber 50 trucks, and got a proper mount from APS.

Next… The enclosure… Good enclosures are hard to make and expensive to buy, but the upside is that you can easily overcome the problem with almost any box and some tape… Of course, it will look like shit… But you’ll be able to ride.

What else? Oh… I ordered a 12s BMS from Bestech Power, they told me I had to purchase 2 minimum, and was charged a small fee because 12s is more expensive than 10s, and they screwed up and shipped two 10s BMS. I contacted them and told them to make it right, their reply wasn’t very polite, but needless to say they fixed up the problem, and I now have a total of four BMS, two 10s and two 12s.

Ordered a sixth battery, but when I was about to install it I realized I would also need a stronger charger (44.4v-50.4V) and since I am still waiting on that to arrive, and I am currently riding 10s… Which is bonkers anyway.

Just about 30 minutes ago, before writing this, I installed a second charge port, as I accidentally shorted the last one and it sparked so bad the connections melted… Do not ask… I do crazy shit sometimes… In addition, I installed a USB buck to charge my phone, works great.

Monday I will install a voltage meter… And just hope to be able to work the kydex I have at home without losing my shit… Into a proper enclousure.

I have few pictures, which I will post below, and will keep this a log for coming updates and the such.

Coming goals are: proper lights, for right now I am just using a back red light on my backpack so cars can see me. Obviously the enclosure… And I’ve been fantasizing on making a modular power supply or battery pack that I can switch whenever I want. Since I have extra BMS’, I thought I could carry an extra pack in my backpack, and if one runs out and I cannot charge it, I can just swap it. But I don’t know how I’d do that just yet.

I also want big ass 100mm all-terrain wheels, which I’ll probably get from Enertion on cyber sale… Also thinking of slamming another 6374 motor on the board, but I’d be running into space issues as they are huge motors, and would add quite a lot of weight and will also cost me more money… But we’ll see…

I named the board after my friend Andy, who unfortunately passed away earlier this year on a quad bike accident. I do not want any drama, but he loved everything that was fast and fun or had a motor… He was one crazy mother, and I know he would have had great fun with a board like this one. Anyway… Enough of this!

Specs: Mercer Geo Mystics Deck 102mm APS 170KV Motor APS Caliber Mount APS Orangutan Wheel pulley 32t&36t/15mm (Currently on 32) APS Motor Pulley 15t/15mm APS 56t/280mm Belt FOCBOX 5x Turnigy 5000mAh 2s 7.4v 60c batteries (Upgrade to 12s soon) HCX-D223V1 10s and 12s BMS Caliber II 50 trucks 80mm Orangutan wheels (Upgrade to 100mm soon) ABEC-11 Bearings (Will also be replacing these to ceramic)

As of right now on 80mm Wheels, 10s, 15/36 non sensored I can ride at 36 KPH and a range of about 17.5 KM.

Currently riding at 15/32 configuration, but I have not tested range or speed… But I get less acceleration for a smoother ride and have the sensation that I can ride faster.

Also laugh if you must, but I bought TWO fire extiguishers and smoke alarms.

Thank you everyone who helped me with my questions, and those who shared their wisdom, the people noted above specially @Namasaki, also @monkey32 for that group buy, and for my girlfriend who encouraged me to just “fucking do it”.

Pictures and more below…


I’d love to see your spot welder when you’re done :wink:

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First enclosure was 3d printed from thingiverse, but was designed for flat boards. Mine is concave, so I used tape and the such to keep it in place. There was also no room for a BMS.

Early days of charging

Scratched up the motor on my first ride, but I was so psyched I didn’t care

Picked up a round piece of metal while riding, and placed it on the alien’s head… No plans of removing it.

This is my current enclosure. It’s a tuppertupperware, drilled holes on the board and lid and slid some velcro underneath it to hold it in place. This one houses a BMS, as well but it is too big and sometimes touches the ground.

Here you can see where it touches and also the charge port, USB phone charger, and on/off switch.

And this is a picture inside the enclosure. I use cardboard covered in transparent tape as a sort of protection. Also hot glue to keep the components from moving too much.

And that’s about it for now… I use this thing a lot now. Many people flip out when they see me passing by… Like nobody expects a motorized board. Its a magical feeling. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Hey it was great reading your text! Very well written! As it turns out I’m looking for a 10s BMS from Bestech right now. I guess you used Namasakis specs as you referred to him in your post. Are you interested in selling a 10s BMS? I live in Germany btw.

id be interested in the other 10s bms sorry hear about your mate bud love quads myself

Hey @Muke and @stormboard1, sorry for the late reply, I haven’t had enough time to stop by my house for a proper reply.

I’m willing to sell one, as I’m using the other one. I’d be happy to sell the other 10s currently being used as soon as I have my 12s system running, but that can take weeks to a long month, because of holidays and the such.

As for the one not being used I could ship in a week or two as I’m going to be traveling soon.

If you’re down let me know, but if you both live in Europe, try to contact Bestech Power and get a bundle of two together.

Sorry again, but right now I’m lacking time!

Edit: Would any of you be I terested in one of the 12s BMS?

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I might be interested in the 12s bestech bms. Pm!

Hey man, just fried one of my 10s systems a couple days ago with water… It was dark, I couldn’t see properly and before I knew I was riding through a puddle.

For some reason it doesn’t boot up… So as I’m stepping up to 12s in a month or two I’ve decided to hoard my BMS’s just in case.

I feel kind of greedy, but I’ll be covered if it happens again.

Oh okay, no problem. Let me now if you decide to sell one of them!