Angled Riser Pads converter for Hybrid e-Sk8 AT build!

Hey e-riders,

Hope you’re all good this summertime :sunny: !?!

Just want to share with you too, what I try to do last year, regarding your actual messages in the differents threads (as 12meterkuk or Kane topic). Cool to see more AT esk8 hybrid-build coming ! I remember when I ask okp last year about this 35° risers. Price is too high for my wallet and not corresponding to my requierment (matrix 2 use). But the design looks cool, licked and I know like I know him, its done well and ride and test it too :ok_hand:. So be sure I’m absolutely not discrediting the good work done or the amazing part around here, or the other new thread about it, with a 45° riser, I like it too ! ! :wink:

But, so I have designed and make them produced last summer. My fkn angled risers for hybrid-build :blush: at 30°, in full Alu 7075 quality !! Yeeaaah !!! Also I make it dropthrough-deck compatible (get it lower as you can :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:) and it reduced a bit the price too, thanks to the simple but strong design.

I paid a bit more than 110€ for both = 1 set (a pair) = 2 pcs, for the raw test prototype (and we told me that the price is a bit higher cause its just a 2 pcs production). Still not tested on ride yet… project stopped last summer cause I was waiting for the top plate after that masterpiece. It already feels super strong, an 8 mm top-plate should be perfect with pockets screws ! (Now that we order another Arbor Axis (bamboo this time) for my lady, the project is back and I could need another set for an easy esk8 AT evolved’like for her ! I will keep my dropthrought prototype for me and make a new one but in one piece for her.

It is compatible with any standard trucks, in any way : mtb trucks for flat longboard deck, or reverse, longboard trucks on a mtb deck !.. hahaa

So for my final version, if I could run a small production for some pieces (maybe more than 10 set to save money with a bulk order), with a full Alu part in one piece and with some more details possible (chamfers, lightweighting/cable management, or even anodizing if wanted but this adds more $€£…) for around the same price as my prototypes, it sounds pretty good to me :blush:. I don’t want to undercut foot (is that the right expression in english ?) of anyone here, cause everyone in this family make good parts and fair price. Just, like I already say up there, I wanna share it with you ! Cause maybe you could help me too ! And it could give us more diversity too, by the way :slight_smile: extending the choice of angle. It should/could be around 100/120€ for a kit I guess ( for a board - 2 pcs). I will visit my prototyping tomorrow, I will ask to have more information and see the new model with him, but all this must also be accompanied by a quote.

If people don’t want to see another topic on this maybe modo could fusion it with another thread. :v:


Interested! Looks cool

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Is it just me or are all these angled MTB risers suddenly popping up? Nonetheless i like it!


Yes, and I could understand ! More diversity build are coming !! I guess it’s around 2016 for the blue beast, and they are some others on esk8fr. Then, when I saw these messages and take the opportunity to see if it could interessed some other people so I can make my second set :blush:

And when I see that (or evolve AT setup) I imagine it with spring or matrix 2 trucks :stuck_out_tongue:

(I know I haven’t post that much this year yet … but I have tones of parts, made, drawed, dreamed during this time !.. For sure I will show you more :star_struck:)

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When you mean Hybrid Esk8, Do you mean regular long board decks with mountain board trucks from the like of Trampa or MBS?

Only reason I know of why people are really after these kinds of rider pads is it allows them to use mountain board trucks with spring suspension or similar on regular long board decks like you linked above as they don’t normally have that angled tip that mountain boards have.

Are there any pros that would make builders who like using bushing skate trucks consider these riser pads? Only thing I can think of is to lower the deck further if going with bigger pneumatic wheels but I may be missing some other points.

Edit: These look great by the way :smile:

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I think this design is much better than the one I posted! I think people should go with this as I’m still not sure if I can ship globally as I’m still quite busy with studies.

This design cuts down the complexity , time, and cost of machining which I like a lot

Yes they are a lot ! And absolutly not for other … this is like a color choice … Or for those who want evolve AT diy build with serious/stronger trucks. I don’t think that these type of build look gorgeous but it also allows you too don’t necesseraly need a mtb deck. Some fresh frensh esk8 AT that inspire me : those are not mtb trucks, but the look is here :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks ! I don’t really know if it better or not, if its work, so both are :smile: Maybe we could make it together bro ! I was having fun at this time with 3d conception, it could be more raw like my prototype to lower the price maybe, if needed. Maybe we could combine our designs …!? Or try to see if you could get a better price for your country dispatch or so ? Good luck with your studies :wink:

The design isn’t mine, someone else did it. But after looking at his, I can definitely say yours is better. Machining costs in China is definitely lower than say Europe or USA but fulfilment is very expensive and troublesome if I’m doing it myself.

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All these possibilities are great, but you better have an amazing deck or absolutely need the clearance that can justify the high ride position. A really nice mountain deck with built-in 30deg from MBS only costs $109: Comp 95. And rides lower.


It moves the wheels outwards so you can use a deck like a jet spud without wheelbite.

or just want to stand out, to get a shorter deck, a flat deck all the long, a gorgeous one that you want to ride anywhere like you say ! I have mtb deck, they grip and chocs always under the deck due to lower rides ! If you want an empty deck, battery under (and use huge lipo) … more clearance is a good choice I guess :blush: Plus, when you’re riding, you forgive the low or high ride :smile: (of curse you don’t ride it as a mtb). Like I already say, all of this is like a color choice,… of curse and fortunately we have the choice to have choice :hugs:

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You seem to have a lot of fun with it, so kudos! A set of fat tires might work on the sand too.

Yeah I see your point, so its mostly to either get clearance right amount of clearance from the ground or to help with clearance with the wheels maybe(?)

I agree with @boramiNYC, you gotta have a good deck and mountain board trucks if you want to capitalize on the Offroading. I’ve got standard TB218 trucks and I know I can only go on light offroading or on bad pavement even with these risers I know that bushings on trucks can only do so much with off-road application as compared to mbs or trampa springs.

I chose bushing type trucks instead of spring suspension because they feel and handle differently. I wanted more of a long board carving feel so you’re right about where you want to compromise on the offroading and how you want to get that Hybrid look and feel

You should try MBS Matrix 2 trucks with yellow damper :wink: … Or maybe Spring trucks with the amazing e-toxx Dampers upgrade ! Plus, personnaly, I like the larger look of mtb trucks (and do it “extraordinary”) !!

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While i would love to try that, I already purchased the TB218 Fatboy Mini drives from @Kug3lis and those only work with TB218 longboard trucks :laughing: but its no problem I do like the smaller size, it makes it easier to carry around when i do have to carry it indoors.

I’ve seen those dampers and they look to have a great balance of stability and carving plus they look nicer than springs IMO.

I would’ve seriously considered these if not for wanting a smaller footprint on my board but I like the MTB rugged look :smile:


If some are in, here is the GForms so I could know a bit more about the capacity to know the final price :


Interested, but probably not worth the price for me unless its <100 shipped considering you can just buy a mtb deck for the same price.

The existing group buy is as usual very flexible. As stated in the referred post and regarding the two batches that I sold last year either for MBS Matrix 2 or Trampa Infinity, the price is quantity driven and this product is niche (for many valid reasons).

Discussed this few minutes ago with @Riako. I will not engage any further discussions on this and let everyone make up his own mind on the approach.

Cheers from Egypt!

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