Another Arduino Remote and anti-spark switch!

Hey everybody,

I just thought I would share some pcb’s I have been working on, let me know what you think! Anti-spark switch based off of vedder anti-spark switch20190213_200625 Arduino remote based off of the rolling gehcko remote still a work in progress: 20190213_200625 20190213_200651


Looks cool! what chip do u use? The 16Mhz arduino `nano Chip? I cant see it on the picture

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Yes, I am using the ATMEGA328P, same used on the nano.

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Looks very cool! What software will u use? EDIT: i See…

I think the 328p is a little underpowered for extended functionality and the huge display in respect to the framerate and cycle time. That’s why I switched to the SAMD21.

Are I able to show a little demo already?

Nice work!

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I was trying to go for simplicity on the software side, but yes there are a lot more capable MCU’s out there I agree, probably wouldn’t have had to do a boost regulator to 5V either, which is the most difficult thing to solder on this board. I tried to make it easy for anyone to build with a soldering iron. I am testing it right now and seems to be working well. The big missing link is the enclosure, as I am not very capable in that department.