Another bold rebrander of new chinese designs, NY based

this was posted on reddit the other day and might be worth checking out if you are in the US and looking for a complete board.

Oh look red wheels instead of blue…

Things are looking up😂

Hmmm… Never seen that before :unamused:

Things are speeding up also.

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As per @longhairedboy’s research there is a significant increase in speed due to the color Red


30 Miles on 150wh hubs? I doubt it.

yes this is bullshit, maybe the range of board with no rider on it

I see that they are even selling the bisek

any review links , I cant find any…

You can see that the rider on the red one is clearly having more fun because he is enjoying the performance boost from his red wheels and trim.

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Still, not bad for $499. I believe a couple of them are re-branded Koowheel’s.