Another DIY Trampa | Vertigo Trucks/Idea mounts/gears | Maytech 6374/170KV Motors | 12s2p | Flipsky 4.12 ESCs

Disclaimer, I can’t take credit for this build. I purchased it in the current condition/setup. Here are some photos of the build; questions/improvements to follow… PNG IMG_0012 IMG_0013 IMG_0014 IMG_1324 IMG_1330 IMG_0008 IMG_0009 IMG_0010

Build Specs:

  • Trampa Holy pro 35 16 ply
  • Vertigo Trucks
  • Idea motor mounts and gears 15/72
  • Dual Flipsky 4.12 ESCs
  • RC wheel remote and receiver
  • 22.2V 16000mah 6s batteries x2 =12s2p
  • Custom battery box (not a fan, but is functional)
  • Anti-spark switch
  • Volt meter (are these programmable?)
  • Maytech 6374/170KV sensored motors
  • Max Speed: 28.6mph
  • Max Disance: Unknown
  • *Ordered a FOCBOX Unity (waiting on shipment)

The board is fun and pretty fast, but I want more! Help me get there, looking for suggestions:

  • I want more torque, for the front end to come up (wheely)
  • More linear throttle response, seems like the middle is flat
  • When I let off the throttle, I don’t want a sudden jerk from no power being applied…need a ramp down/delay?
  • Max speed over 30 mph
  • Battery box/or bag suggestions that aren’t as bulky
  • Should I switch the connections to XT90?

The ESCs have never been programmed or firmware updates. They are 1.5 years old or so. I have downloaded the VESC tool and plan to update the firmware/programming…I’m looking for MTB recommendations/configurations to achieve my goals.

I look forward to your comments/advice/suggestions…


Nice board. First you need to tell us your vesc settings. However with the Flipsky escs it will be difficult to get the maximum of your setup. The gear ratio you have is 4.8 : 1 . If you want more torque you should go lower ie 5:1 however unless you are climbing mad hills you will probably be ok with what you have. I don’t suggest going over 30mph on a flexible deck like the Trampa and in the end you have to pick torque vs speed. For a mountain board I would pick torque every time.

Update: -FW updated, changed from split ppm to canbus, and default settings -FOCBOX Unity arrived, waiting for other parts in order to install.

  • The board will do over 30mph now, max speed unknown as speed wobbles. Torque is not immediate, no wheelies, but hits strong shortly afterwards. Need to look at settings. -Trampa Barrels on order