Another DRV blown


I tried out the FOC mode on my VESC 4.12. (Setup: 10S LiPo, 245kV 6364 (high ERPM, I know)) I just did a bench test and after a hard brake my DRV8302 started smoking. When I plug in the VESC nothing happens and so I can’t connect to the BLDC Tool. I will replace the DRV next week, but is it possible that there is another thing broken? Maybe something with the power supply? The rest of the VESC looks good and I couldn’t find something burned.

Pics of my VESC:

Thanks for helping, you guys are awesome!

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Toss us a screen shot of your settings…

Dbl check brake setting?

You cooked it…

i would look up what “motor MIN (regen)” does.:thinking:

If it’s the vesc from TB from what I read here, there highly not recommended for FOC mode. Also I notice you put 60a on battery max, like I said if it’s from TB then their vesc could only handle 50a and for battery reg you put -20a which I think not good. I put -08a on mine

Your motor min is fine, that does not directly translate to what actually goes into the battery. However, the chances are that it was only the drv that blew.

You could probably get away with leaving the -20, but I would recommend trying something like -12.

Also, as mentioned, the TB VESC is not really recommended on the forum as FOC capable, probably just stick to BLDC for now. They seem to talk it up on their website, but it is probably risky, as you found out, especially if you draw near the erpm limit.

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Your battery min should relate to your specific battery. Personally I use 2c for the 30q. But it’s somewhere between your min and Max charge rate. Dual vesc you need to split between both vesc.

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What I really wanted to ask: When only the DRV is burned, the rest of the VESC should work, right? So there is maybe an other thing broken, otherwise the LEDs would light and I could connect to the BLDC Tool. But what could it be? :thinking:

And yes, I got it from TB and I won’t try FOC again.

The drv supplies 5v to the system, so if it’s dead, you wouldn’t get any LEDs either.

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