Another Modular GEAR drive

Hi guys just thought I might as well create a thread for a personal project for the hell of it.

Quick thing before the log: This is not under innovations as I know gear drives have already been designed for the E-mtb scene but this has been an on and off idea which I am finalising into a working prototype.

@moon has already designed a great modular gear drive alongside pioneers such as @Nowind but my design is purely for myself and my enjoyment in this hobby. I do, however, aim to force the costs of these drives as low as possible to see what I can create compared to relative competition.

Currently the design shown below has quite a few potential problems that I am currently addressing such as the pinion gear being based off an existing design for sale online with a limited 11mm face width. In future designs I will ensure the gears are at least 15mm in width. Another problem is clearance with the modular clamp attachment being placed outside the mount and enclosure which only leaves a few mm between the clamp and the model of the SK8 BLDC motor. This design will fit 63mm motors although I kind want to exceed this for all you 80mm APS enthusiasts and the likes.


The design showcases a 1:5 reduction using 1:5 MOD spur gears (a 12t pinion)

At the moment material choice for my gears is up in the air and is restricted to what I can source relative to my budget and machinery access. I am a student so have not built up too much inventory in tools, equipment etc. A few of you may notice the teeth are not straight but don’t panic this can all change.


I love my 3D printing so I will definitely experiment via this direction. As for future-proof aluminium constructions this maybe a possibility depending on sourcing in my local area without getting ripped off. I have contacts who can do a nasty good deal on possibly ASA 3D printing and even Nylon so who knows what I might try.

Hub adapter and modular clamp

Both parts will be 3D printed during the modelling stage and then I will hopefully outsource a skilled CNCist or at least their equipment to manufacture at least the clamp out of aluminium, again depending how far I take this project.


To all you trampa fanboys and the likes, this build is for my new MBS board (cheers @Chrisjarram) so is currently being designed for the Matrix 2 pro trucks and Rockstar pro hubs but if this turns out successful I may test other hangers and hubs etc. The modular clamps allows rotation of the drive in 12 degree increments as a clearance solution.

PSA: The matrix 2 pro truck hanger profile is so dumb.


This design incorporates a v-ring that is inset slightly into the hub attachment to seal off the drive from the environment. No bearings are used in this design at the moment.


  • No heavy roasts in the comments.
  • Give me as much criticism as possible
  • Do throw ideas my way as its now or never at this stage
  • This design hasn’t been made pretty yet so all the aesthetic connoisseurs can give me some inspiration on colours and inlays for the enclosure etc.

Renders will come soon once I access the stupid full version of solidworks at my school.

If this initial post turns out well I might follow it up and potentially release the designs to everybody for free with a parts list but I will most likely test the crap out of my future prototypes before releasing anything

Cheers again for the good community vibes :+1:

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Just curious what size tire you have on your mock up design. Looks like you’ve been working really hard!

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Hi yh its a T1 8 inch tyre model which I found and altered slightly for the correct hub design. I am hoping to design my own hubs and tyres from scratch with the potential run 10inch pneumatics, at a different ratio of course

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10 inch would be a huge step up and need a lot of torque but is very exciting. Good luck with your designs.

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You’ve probably already though of this but just in case. At 110mm with the drive pulled back onto the hanger you may have some deck clearance issues at lean (drive bite instead of wheel bite) I have a pro 95 which I think is a similar profile to the dw1 and I had clearance issues trying to get a custom gear drive to work. Good Luck looks cool!

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@Excess yh the enclosure profile is set to change I am just using it at the moment for allignment and bolt patterns. I have Andy warren signature pro 97 so I will be taking into account full lean with no truck spacers with plenty of measurements

Cheers for the input :+1:

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Go for it my dude! This is the spirit of DIY. Lets get some pictures of your hands, both flat and in a fist. But only the right hand in a fist, maybe with a face towel gripped.