Another Riptide R1 Elite needs resuscitation

Hey all! I’m one of the suckers who jumped into eSkates with the Riptide R1 Elite a year or so ago. Honestly it’s been a pretty fun board, and without having experience with anything else to compare it to, it’s seemed pretty good to me. However, some build and component quality issues have cropped up over time and now the esc seems to have bit the dust.

Looking for a fix I found this forum and apparently this board is not held in high regard here :sweat_smile:. So now I’m looking to fix my problem and hopefully at the same time lay the foundation for a nice build that utilizes the Riptide deck.

I think what I’d like to do is upgrade to a VECS that will replace my bad ECS. Then in a bit upgrade to a better battery. I may do these two things and call it good and be happy, or I may go further with trucks and motors and whatever else.

Is this right? And if so can someone link me the VECS that will work with my existing battery but will also work with my rad future battery and will fit in my existing enclosure? Link to rad battery that will also fit in my existing enclosure also appreciated :ok_hand:

Will I be able to keep using my same remote? What else do I need or need to know?


Smallest VESC based ESC will be Flipsky 4.20 or MakerX V4

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