Antenna destroyed, connection issue

Hello everyone,

I destroyed my antenna and now I’m loosing control over my skateboard and almost crashed because skateboard didn’t respond.

I’ve checked and this is unable to be replaced because it is fixed to ESC. Wires are to thin to solder.

is there any way to fix this? Maybe is there possibility to add other antenna to other port? Now it is impossible to ride safely :frowning:

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Wires too thin to solder? Do you have a pencil tip soldering iron?

Be careful if you do try to solder or replace 2.4ghz antenna wires. They must be a specific length that correlates to the 2.4ghz wavelength. I think its like 31 or 32mm. Something like that. You can also go up to a slightly bigger wire gauge without any issues.

I can borrow this soldering iron but this inner wire is so thin that I barely see it.

I thought about replacing it, propably under silicone there is normal connector so i will try to gently scrape it off.

But I can’t find such antenna to order.

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Trying to GENTLY scrape silicone off ended up like this :sweat_smile:

Is there any ESC you can recommend for 2x1600W? Flipsky is kind of expensive.

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Quality comes with a price. Flip-sky is garbage so if you think they are expensive I would save your money up. Going cheap on ESK8 Parts only guarantees you’ll have to buy more parts when they break. It’s a false economy.

Get some trampa vescs, a xenith or something tried and trusted.

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Finally I ordered Flipsky dual 4.2.

It’s around 3 times more expensive than the one I had. And the one I had worked fine, could me more exact but generally did the job. So I expect Flipsky to be even better.

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You will be disappointed. But you were warned, please wear a helmet whenever you ride. Flipsky ESC’s are a ticking time bomb, it will fail, but who knows when. It only makes this extreme sport that much more dangerous when you use bad parts

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Is it really that bad? What can happened? This noname I had so far worked fine. Helmet everytime!