Anti-Spark E-Switch LED Wiring (-, +, SW+, SW-)

Hi all - this is newbie question, and could not find in the forum the exact answer…here it goes:

I need to plug a LED momentary switch (5pin) to a anti-spark (4 pin) from luna-cycle (i got without a switch; hence the question). Anyone can help me with wiring?

Switch = +, -, NC, NO, C Anti-Spark= GND, SW+, SW-, +12V

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GND - Minus SW+ - NO SW- - C “+” - +12v


Are you sure this will work? I’ve only seen non-momentary switches used with anti spark switches.

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oh snap sry didn’t read properly. No a momentary will not work unfortunately. Where are you located?

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Really?..i just connected and it worked…checked with multimeter on the other end.

It previously was connected to this switch (4pin):

i am in Brazil, btw

yeah…maybe this is not momentary…

nope, if its “on/off” its not momentary.

yeap…its a latch one…thanks guys.