Anti-spark producing sparks and smoke?

So I bought an antispark from Just recently had a chance to hook it up to new config.

Emax 6374 motor

Ollinboard VESC 4.10

Esk8 v1.3 antispark

10s4p battery with BMS and switch

Hooked everything up and configured it all (Vedders new software is fucking legit) and the anti-spark started sparking and producing the magic smoke at the top left corner of the +OUT.

I have written @esk8 …so far nothing back but to be fair I wrote them yesterday. I imagine they will get back to me, I was more curious if anyone can see if it was my fuck up or anyone has had this sort of issue with the anti-spark.

Cheers gents

Looks like a short between the + (positive) Out and the - (negative) Mosftet pad.

I’d bet that will replace. Unless you soldered the out wires onto it?


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Yeah I did the wire connection so no refund i would guess…would this be burning in the board itself though? I checked the pieces i connected several times for possible shorts there was clean space and the burn seemed to come from in the board…not sure how. Also weird that it didn’t do it right away. I had 15 minutes of clean running and setting up vesc before it happened.

Thanks for the input @sl33py.

Sorry but i was at the weekend not at home, and i have read your mail in the last hour. So kan i you answer here. We sending the Antispark without cables. an i see thats so that you have make a short As it writes rob You going over the solder pad with the zinc and by the letter CH was the short

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Thanks for the reply @esk8 don’t worry about the reply I just figured you’d be on here first. Looks like I will be grabbing a couple more of these from you soon. I know I’m not the first to short a part and probably wont be the last just never had them burn like that before.

Unfortunately yes You’re the first one to do that All the others veted only the Zener diode Because they are in the on state Connect the battery Or connect the battery without a switch But if you still want to buy anyway I send you one for free


Awesome thank you so much. I just PM’d you and purchased two more from your store, for future builds and you know…just in case… Really appreciate the fast help.

5 star service from @esk8

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