Anti spark switch (fried)?

Hi esk8ters,

I connected this switch to my battery and it shorted. Didn’t read the instructions very well because afterwards when I checked what I did wrong, I came to the conclusion that I had to connect the physical push button to the anti spark. Now I think it’s toast but I’m not sure. Here’s a picture image

Does it start smoking when you plug it in now?

I would have to check. Don’t have my tools out right now

Those switches tend to be really finicky. It is very common for them to fail and quit stopping power.

Sure it wasn’t just a connection spark? The switch shouldn’t matter whether its plugged in or not. You just won’t be able to turn it on obviously. Put it all together and try again. Just be ready to unplug it quick if it is faulty because they can combust. As @Trdolan03 says those antisparks are a pain in the arse tbh. If its gone look at the flier 300a version.

Bane of my life antispark switches. This one looks promising though.

Definitely, not a connection spark. It was a pretty big spark and the cables burned out between the bms discharge<—>anti spark

Don’t connect it up again then. :grimacing: Its a gonna. They are so unreliable those bloody switches but the one I linked is the one the mighty lhb uses so should be a good option.

If you do want to purchase the one he linked go through They have a great support system and will repair it if it goes bad. Shipping is also much quicker.

My failed, but didnt stop the power delivery instead it became one huge ressistor that cooked itself for an hour of full throttle lol

I picked up an 100 amp switch. I’m going to be running dual TB 170kv motors. I’m worried after seeing this that it will just fail out and torch my focboxes. Is this worry warranted?

image image

I personally don’t think 100amps is enough. Neither of these are the bkb version but still. Scary stuff. I bought 3 switches so far from 3 different vendors and they all were the same luna unit with different stickers. None of mine have combusted but still. Keep it away from the battery to be safe.

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well that scares me. Maybe I should opt for a simple anti spark plug

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Not all doom and gloom. All mine have failed but not in a dangerous manner. 2 had fets that stuck open and 1 just died. No pyrotechnics. Keep it away from the battery and you should be fine. Never a bad thing to have an antispark loopkey on your build though.

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would having a fuse before the switch help with not blowing it out?

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Yeah if you have an inline fuse before it then yes. Just make sure that the fuse is big enough to cope without being too big to be any use.
Personally I don’t use fuses on my driveline. My current build has a gigantic bestech 100a bms wired for discharge and this takes care of that stuff. It has a built in switch too. Fuses can fail and I would rather damage the board components than me when hurtling down a hill and suddenly finding out I have no brakes. Fuse from the battery will protect your vescs from frying and indeed the switch if you have one. Cell level fusing on your battery will stop complete thermal runway on the battery itself. You can take it as far as you want but while these things are dangerous, if they are built with care and research there is no reason to be scared. Use the switch because in my experience the switch is more likely to fail open than shut and this can save you.

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This 10 char

i see what you’re saying about the perks of having the switch fail over the fuse. I also have a besteck 80 bms for 12s lipos. I haven’t completed my research of how im going to attach it just yet(i’ve got some posts and videos bookmarked for later). I like to error on the side of caution and have many fail safes in the electrical line rather than not. Something I’ve run into a bit on here is I’m building a mountain board and catch myself reading things that pertain to single motor longboards. Sense I’m learning this all from scratch I don’t have full confidence that I’ve bought all compatible and efficient parts. My over all plan is to post the build in its entirety before connecting everything to see if people would be willing to review it. Thanks for heads up too.


Its always best to build to your environment. I live in a very hilly area and am often hurtling down at 40mph. On a downhill push board I would be ready to foot brake or slide but on my esk8 I rely on the brakes. By the time you realise the brakes have failed it could be too late. If you want help with a mountain board with lipos then summon andy87 when you want some advice. Thats all he lives for lol

I’ve had a few conversations with Andy87. He’s been very helpful. I decided to go with the mountainboard due to the environment I’m in (Michigan. where the potholes eat you alive and the snow is plentiful). And oh boy 40mphs on a board. I think i’d crap my pants.

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@TreeFactory I also have a mountainboard if you need help on your journey. :slight_smile: