Anti-spark switch fuse question

Hey so I’ve been looking around abit on antispark switches, mostly from eu shops. Noticed that many are fused at 40A.

Wouldnt that be to low for a board wheres battery and motor can pull up to 80A max?

Yes, you can pull well over 40 amps. But you also need to determine this number based on you. Hills, weight, gearing, motor kv, and especially voltage, affect how many amps you’ll pull from your battery. Some people never pull more than 40 amps. I know I pull around 120 amps at times running 12s. You have to determine the max amps you’ll pull biased on your setup, and you have to figure out what you’ll pull. It’s different for everyone.

Alright, not really certain on how the antispark is wired but if the board pulls 50A(example), then 50A will go through the Vedder antispark switch and pop the fuse? Or am I thinking wrong?

i have the same question.

Im just gonna get a switch that is fused for my max amps my battery can pull. So in my case its 80Amps. So to be safe I’ll get one with 80A or more.

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You have to get a fuse that will protect your ESC from getting fried as well as your motor coils from melting. Determine the one with the lower amp rating and get a fuse for this level.

If you have to pick between a fuse that is under-rated vs over-rated with what you really need, go with the under-rated and see how it works out. Worst case you blow the fuse and everything lives for another day. If you need to go over then you’re taking a risk of your ESC or Motor getting damaged.

Also for example, if you battery can only push 40A and your ECS or Motor can handle 80A or more, there is no point in using a fuse.

Uhhhh, no.

Fuses blow, board stop, street face. That’s why most people don’t run then.

Oh, and this topic is 2 years old :grinning:.


Exactly how would the motor come to a dead halt with no power? At worst the skate would coast and slow down. Also the topic is 2 years old for you, not everyone new to this :wink:

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At 30 mph, the loss of forward momentum might as well be a stop…your still gonna keep going while the board is behind you.


Who’s this @mmaner guy? How would you even know dude? Who are you to give advice?


you probably wouldn’t have the time to react to a sudden change in speed which is enough to cause a loss in balance


Well if you blow your motor or ECS you going to experience the same effects. imho I rather protect my investment, to each their own I guess.

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it would come down to personal safety during the ride or keeping the hardware intact during a blowout which I think is why other builders would prefer to lose the vesc than break some bones or lose some skin.

But yes to each their own. just wanted to give some insight as to what the trade offs would be in that kind of a situation

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So if you blow your ECS how is that going to save you from breaking bones? now you have 2 problems.

I guess don’t pick a fuse that is too under-rated that it will easily blow, you want to pick a safe level to the blowing point of your system.

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