Anti spark switch, is this the best one?

hello been looking into anti spark switches there are lots around here, i did think about making my own for fun and make a batch to sell, using the ltc7000 switching the high side using and make a propper one, but really dont want to iss off perople selling theirs here, but came acros the flipsky and for 49 usd just makes sense to get one of those?

There are quite alot of antispark. Some DIY, from flipsky, from maytech, from Vedder, from 3dservisas. There is not really best as best, probably the old school loopkey is the best (at least to me). The usage is rather simple, also depending on whats needed, if you need push to start, then you need those electric switches. The best there is probably the one that have high amps, support push to start, with heatsink.

Unfortunately that flipsky one is pretty bad. Try springing money for the one @longhairedboy sells on his store, or the Fatboy antispark. Just be aware the Fatboy drains your pack at a noticable rate, even when off 🤷