Anti-Spark switch "kit" - extras for sale (Vedder's v1.3)

Hi All. Got a couple made because i really wanted to build my own. PCB’s are inexpensive and had a few extra made.

Offering up the extras to the community for i hope a reasonable “kit” price. [size=150]$25 ea plus cost to ship to you. Flat rate shipping in the US $4 [/size] (for as many as you’d like).
Any international folks (not in the US) - shipping has been 10-15 dollars via post office international. Should be relatively quick but no tracking info. If you want tracking info it’s another $10-15 which i think is too spendy. But just let me know if that’s what you want.

I’ve already had a lot of folks PM me from my build thread. It will be first come first served. PM me. Hope this helps someone else get a great anti-spark switch.

This is not a business or make it rich quick plan. It may take a day or two to package and ship - since i have a real job (also busy), but promise i’ll get it sent off asap.

Also - I plan on donating 1/2 of any profit to Vedder - this is his work, not mine. I’d like a few bucks for my time and shipping materials. I expect i’ll get $5-10 maximum each (split w/ Vedder) which i hope to put into a reflow oven. I have about 20 extras. I’ve already donated 50 euro to Vedder and hope to get another chunk to donate to a hard working guy who’s made this available to us all!

So here’s what i have: PCB’s, and components from Mouser:

I’ll make sure they are all labeled and taped down, plus in original reel containers.

You will need to get the rest - switch, wire, connectors, fuse (simple ATO), and solder paste:

You will need ability+tools to do SMD soldering. Hot air setup or reflow oven, or reflow skillet… or maybe just super steady hands and a super fine solder tip. I used hot air on mine for the SMD’s.

There you have it! PM me if interested and i’ll edit when they are all gone. Thanks all!


GREAT WORK!.. i love the simplicity of this… i think it will be fairly popular.

maybe people could also get a different switch, more fancy looking one? & possible a PCB mounted fuse holder would be good too…

ALSO a time lapse video showing assembly would be cool too :innocent:

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Thanks onloop! This is vedder’s work, so can’t claim any credit other than ordering some extras!

I was thinking of using some small pieces of copper on the fuse contacts bent over so that they hold the fuse and let you swap it easily. I don’t think the one pictured would handle many amps and vertically mounting it would make fitting it a challenge - the horizontal fuse layout makes more sense for most setups i think.

Switches - exactly why i like these. I can pick exactly which switch, color, size, style i want. I have a small rocker switch that is waterproof, and another 19mm push button w/ the circle ring. I’m also thinking about swapping to simple bullet connectors so that i can carry two short lengths of wire to fully bypass if ever an issue w/ the switch or fuse failing.

It’s been fun practicing SMD soldering as well. I’m definitely getting the hang of it, but nothing impressive quite yet!

Did vedder post the sources of this project? Schematic gerber etc


If I use 2 vescs, would I need 2 of these, one for each vesc?

No. Just one. On the battery lead.

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What Fuse is supposed to be used? It looks like a car fuse, what amp rating?

push @chaka @elkick @torqueboards

What/which fuse should we use? Can someone provide a link? Most car fuses are only rated to max 32V… but most eboards are driving with 10S (37V) or higher.

These work well:


Thank you very much. My assumption that the normal fuses (max 32V) would blow is correct, isnt it? Otherwise it seems that many people are using normal fuses but i can be wrong with that.

Last 2 Anti-spark switches are available. I’ve reflowed them so no small SMD soldering is needed - just add your wires, connectors, fuse, and switch of your choice.

Being nearly complete, these will be $35 w/ same shipping (US $4) - international varies. PM if you want one of the last few. (just finishing in reflow oven)

And some notes for anyone who wants to finish one:

(This is what mine looks like mostly which i did w/ hot-air before the reflow oven. (hence the wet FET from flux). I’ve since finished adding solder to those points and just sharing to help you finish one of these yourself.)

International folks - definitely check with @DeathCookies as he may be closer and has the same kit available!