Anti-Spark switch MAX current

Hi, I don’t know why, but I simply can’t find any threads about the MAX current of the standard Vedder Anti-Spark Switch. I got one from a long time ago, and I’m about to put it in another build, but it is a dual this time. What is the max current I can draw from this switch if I replace the fuse with a 10awg wire? Thanks

Most of them are 120A, I got a bigger one from APS rated for max 300A.

That one you bought is MAX 60A :stuck_out_tongue:

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Would you happen to know the peak amps also?

It says in german 50Amps cont, and 60amps max, but maybe thats just the fuse? O.o

Yeah, I think it is. Mine came with a 40A fuse though. But I removed that now, and we’ll see how it holds up. :slight_smile: I won’t be pulling much more than 60 amps at peak anyways.

Yeah, I wouldnt push more then that when it only got two mosfets. :slight_smile:

I used bat max 30A (on each vesc so 60A total) for 300 miles so far on this antispark and it was fine. I didn’t actually reach 60A for long periods, looking at my records i pull around 40-45A, with peaks to 60A every now and then but not often.

So far so good. This weekend I got home after a ride and board would not turn off. I thought fets are gone but after disconnecting the antispark and jst plug for the switch and plugging everything back again, it still worked. I think the jst plug wasn’t making perfect contact and I essentially didn’t have the switch plugged in, causing it to remain on.

There is an image somewhere on this forum showing blow times for fuses and I remember it showing that at 150% load it still takes a few seconds for the fuse to blow.

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