Anti-Spark Switch

Hello, need your help guys, im doing the parts list to make my first electric longboard and recently i discovered a part that seems to be necessary. I’m talking about the anti-spark switch, i don’t understand really good how it works and most important why is soo necessary? Thx. If someone can explain me soon i will be soo thankful, looking to buy this black friday some things.

It uses an electrical circuit to control when the board is on and off. Think something like a relay: low power logic circuit switches a high power main circuit.

The alternative to this is an XT to XT connection that may spark (unless antispark is used) or a breaker switch (i use a 120A breaker switch in my board and everything works fine)

Just get a male XT90 and a female XT90S (antispark) and put the male one in series with one of the battery cables (so the battery is disconnected if nothing is plugged into the male XT90). Then solder a loop onto the female plug and you can use it as a key to turn the board on and off without causing sparks. Just search for “loopkey”. The spark happens due to the high voltage of the battery and it will damage your components over time. So you need a solution for this. An anti spark switch also wears over time and will fail sooner or later. If the XT90S is worn out you can replace it for 2$.

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Okey, thank you for your answers, i will use an anti-spark xt90 seems to be the better option in simplicity amb reliability