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Anti Spark Switch

i want to build myself a Vedder Anti Spark Switch.

If I would build just one for my one the costs of the materials would be damn too high…
So i had the idea to make a Group Buy.

The price for a Anti Spark Switch - Kit would be ~20€ excl. shipping (I live in germany but the shipping to usa is only 5€). The price will be calculated after i know how many people are interessted. Currently i have calculated with 10 Kits and got ~20€ per kit.
The only thing you have to do is to solder everything on the given PCB.

A kit includes PCB+Mosfets+Capacitors+Resistors.

Persons that are interested:

  1. Bender
  2. Myself

I think it would be possible for me to send you a kit for “~20€ excl. shipping”.
Have some components left from the VESC group buy. More infos in this forum here or in the german forum Because you are also german that is maybe the easiest way.

Would your order be with cables, plugs and fuses? Or just the PCB with both FETs and Cs and Rs?

Count me in

20 f-ing characters

@ death cookies. Be sure you use my modified gerber files. If you use the original gerber files the traces will get hot enough to melt solder.

Use these:

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Yes, that is correct. i have updated my first post.

Thanks for the advice!