Anti-Theft Option

This option might not work if the reprobate thief has the tools and time to remove the trucks. It will

hopefully slow the the little creature down a little. I found everything including the plastic coated cable at Home Depot.

Cable cutters are standard issue for theiving scrotes…

Hardened chain (motorcycle locks) are the only thing I’d trust my pride and joy to.

I just carry the esk8 and a 9mm gun with me. Hasn’t failed yet


Just make two live metal strips from the battery with some good placement and noone wants to pick it up. Should be effective

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This has been said before, but why anyone leave their board somewhere where it can be stolen. It really isn’t that hard to be carried.

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A friend has a gps on their board. Like a lo-jack

I got my bike stolen with 2 chains and a disk lock. If i have to go to the toilet my board comes with me!

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Wow 2 chains and still got stolen. Time is Always the deciding Factor. If it is for a short time nothing will probably Happen otherwise anything can happen.

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Whwn you go to a bank or something you cant just bring it inside esecially if its a emtb or something

I think you would be better off with a gold standard bike lock and a hole in your deck or a secured ring to thread it through, that cable your using looks like it would break just by over twisting it til one of the loop clamps gives way. JMO

I haven’t come accros any place in 3 years where i can’t take my board inside. Ocf here in Finland people visit in banks only in a rare special cases. Except retirees.

I use the threat as a weapon. I leave a note on my board “if you steal my board i will rape your dog in your dreams” No one dared so far…


Is it a joke or are you serious ?

I considered something similar for my bajaboard but could never feel comfortable leaving it anywhere out of my sight, mind you its so heavy that it would take at least 2 people to ‘run away with it’ :wink:

i had attemped steal. He tried to ride off think thats normal board. I pulled and push the trigger, feeding him some dirt. I also use the wire to lock, so far so good.


Couldn’t bring my board inside Buckingham palace today… on foot across London, yawn…

umm, why would I joke?

Sorry, as a European citizen, I’m just not used to read/hear people talking of carrying a gun outside shooting ranges. Forget what I said, I do not want to keep talking about that.


Buy a husky or german shepherd and you can’t lose. it’ll pull the board to the destination, then guard it when you stop. Get several to increase your range :joy: